December 2022 New Connectivity Products

By AJ Born | December 13, 2022

New-to-market connectivity products, including interconnects, wire, cable, and cable assemblies, sensors, antennas, materials, accessories, tools, and development kits.  

December 2022 New Connectivity Products

December 2022 New Connectivity Products > Interconnects, etc.

WAGO’s new open tool slot and push-button TOPJOB S Distribution Terminal Blocks are just 9 mm wide with 1 to 6 distribution. These blocks allow power feed-in up to a nominal cross-section of 8 AWG (10 AWG with ferrule) connecting 6 to 14 AWG outputs. Both options also feature dual row jumper slots for parallel configuration with additional distribution blocks and full integration with TOPJOB S terminal block and accessories. This new distribution lineup comes in four color choices for intuitive field identification and various design requirements. In these blocks, each connection point comes with molded-in conductor entry marking, meeting the distribution terminal block requirements of many CAE systems. The thin profile provides panel space savings and open design configuration options, minimizing exposure to incoming power sources.


Hirose Electric has expanded its popular ix Industrial connector series to include an in-line jack version. Supporting CAT5e (1 Gb/s) and CAT6A (10 Gb/s) cabling, the new ix40G in-line jack variation addresses market needs for simpler, space-reducing wiring of equipment across longer distances. In addition to in-line connection, the ix Industrial in-line jack supports panel mounting for ease of use as an interface. Specified as a new standard interface connector for Ethernet applications by PROFINET (Process Field Network), the ix Industrial I/O connector series features an optimized EMI/ESD shielding design for safe and secure data transmission up to 10 Gb/s. Offering wiring flexibility, the ix Industrial in-line jack connector is well suited for traditional and high-speed data transmission applications.


Heilind Electronics offers the Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) M8 hybrid as part of its full line of TE Connectivity connectors. The M8 hybrid scalable solution provides power transmission over a separate wire, with data transmission speeds up to 1 Gb/s and power delivery up to 400 W. At 1,000 m, the TE M8 hybrid cordset can reach speeds of 10 Mb/s. This dual data and power solution creates more flexibility for powering devices, while no special circuitry is required. Applications of the SPE M8 hybrid include industrial automation, sensor/actuator networks, robotics, machinery, and more.


Fairview Microwave has broadened its line of reliable 12G SDI interconnects that enable high-resolution, uncompressed video signal transmission. Fairview’s new 12G SDI cables and connectors maximize 4K and ultra-HD signal transmission and provide four times the bandwidth of HD. They are offered in BNC and 1.0/2.3 connector options, are backwards compatible with 2081-1, and are engineered with an operating frequency from DC to 12 GHz. Featuring 10 µin minimum contact plating, Fairview Microwave’s 12G SDI cable assemblies and connectors are designed for high durability and reliability. They offer a variety of configurations, including PCB edge-mount, straight, or right-angle options.


Pasternack’s new line of field-replaceable connectors, with frequency coverage to 65 GHz, address a wide range of RF/microwave applications. They feature SMA, 2.92 mm, 2.4 mm, and 1.85 mm connector options with many pin types, including glass bead feed-through or a tab contact, or a pin in a dielectric. These connectors assist in easily replacing damaged connectors without accessing sealed components, and their EMI gaskets provide shielding against RF interference. Additionally, contacts for the field-replaceable connectors mate with five-pin diameters ranging from 0.009″ to 0.036″. Their two-hole and four-hole flange types make for easy assembly in hard-to-reach areas where flexibility is required.


Newark is expanding its line of Multicomp Pro offerings to include Magnetic Connectors, a differentiated interconnect choice offering ease of use through reliable, self-mating, easily detachable connections. Magnetic cable assemblies and connectors are a popular and quickly growing interconnect option for many low-voltage applications. The Multicomp Pro magnetic cable assembly and connector kits combine spring-loaded pins with magnetic interfaces which offer reliable, self-mating, easily detachable connections. Unlike other connectors currently on the market, magnetic connectors are a safe and helpful solution when a quick disconnect is essential or if accidental damage to connectors or cables is likely based on surroundings or environment. Multicomp Pro Magnetic Connectors are incredibly versatile and can be leveraged in a variety of industries including medical, power management, maker & education, industrial, computer peripherals and wearables. The MP002495 has an IP67 rating and is designed for extra-low voltage applications such as battery charging with a rated current of 5A at 30V AC/DC.


December 2022 New Connectivity Products > Connector Materials, Accessories, Tools, and Development Kits

Allied Electronics & Automation now stocks Schneider Electric’s new Altivar ATS480 soft starters, which are designed to support widespread digitization efforts in the industrial automation industry. Soft starters are solid-state devices that enable a gentle ramp-up to full-speed motor operation to protect AC motors from the damage that can be caused by the initial inrush of current associated with motor startup. In addition to facilitating that crucial process, the Altivar ATS480 soft starters are engineered to simplify and economize motor configuration and commissioning, maximize application availability, satisfy rigorous cybersecurity standards, and deliver reliable, long-lifetime performance in a wide range of demanding and harsh environment industrial automation applications rated for 208–690V, 17–1,700A, and 4–900kW.


Heilind Electronics now offers the USB Type-C Receptacle Power Supply as part of its full line of Qualtek power supplies. Qualtek’s USB Type-C Receptacle Power Supply offers ease-of-installation and flexible compatibility with all existing NEMA-style convenience outlets. The unit features a self-contained receptacle system that eliminates the need for external power. The QKRC-10-05 has an internal power unit that converts AC input to 5V 2A DC output power. To install, simply insert the receptacle into the panel and engage the side mounted locking clips. Prewired 24” wire leads exit the rear of the receptacle to keep installs clean and convenient.


SABIC introduced LNP KONDUIT 8TF36E compound, a new specialty material that helps address the stringent demands of burn-in test sockets (BiTS) used to stress-test double-data-rate (DDR) memory integrated circuits (ICs). As the number of pins and the testing temperature for DDR ICs increase and their dimensions shrink, materials used in BiTS components must deliver enhanced properties. SABIC’s new compound provides very high flow to help enable complex, miniaturized BiTS designs, excellent dimensional stability and high temperature resistance to enhance BiTS functionality during testing, and high thermal conductivity to rapidly dissipate heat afterwards. Compared to incumbent materials such as thermally conductive filled nylon, LNP KONDUIT 8TF36E compound delivers higher flow and better dimensional stability.

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