Compression Connectors Product Roundup

By AJ Born | November 01, 2022

This week’s Product Roundup highlights compression connectors from leading suppliers.

Compression Connectors for Datacom Applications

Compression Connectors for Datacom Applications Amphenol Communications Solutions offers compression-type surface mount connectors for hard disk drives (HDD). These customizable single-piece solutions facilitate read & write functions in traditional low-cost bulk-storage HDDs and helium HDDs. Their small footprint saves PCB real estate. The single piece serves as a cost-effective solution and is highly customizable to application needs. Offered in variety of pitch sizes and connector heights.


SV Microwave’s high-speed RF/coaxial solderless male edge launch and compression mount connectorsSV Microwave’s high-speed RF/coaxial solderless male edge launch and compression mount connectors are ideal for high frequency PCB applications where precision is key. These rugged, durable, and reusable connectors accommodate multiple PCB thicknesses and do not cause damage to the printed circuit board. Current interface configurations include our high frequency SMA, 2.92mm, 2.4mm, and 1.85mm series.’s Z Series offers users a solderless, one-piece contact system compressed between parallel PCBs or between a PCB and a flex circuit assembly, to achieve a reliable electrical connection. Designed for high-vibration applications such as missile systems and helicopter turrets, Z Series uses a z-axis contact system engineered to exceed strict performance and reliability requirements. The Z family can be easily customized to your specific requirements including custom bodies, selectively loaded contacts, and ganged contacts for higher amp applications. solderless, high-density, custom interconnects from Cinch Connectivity Solutions are used for board-to-board, IC-to-board, flex-to-board, and component-to-board applications. Solderless termination is achieved through compression and the unique contact design assures multiple points of contact per I/O. The simple basic two-piece design enables 50+ Gb/s and a wide range of thicknesses from 0.020” to 1.0”. CIN::APSE contacts are available as contacts only for IC applications or plunger-contact-plunger for more durability for board-to-board applications. Both configurations are available in 0.5 mm and 1.0 mm diameters with a standard pitch of 1.0 mm or greater. CIN::APSE can be used for signal, data, RF, and power transmissions all in the same package. The number of contacts is not limited and the largest connector implemented to date contained 7,396 I/Os. The CIN::APSE interconnects have proven reliability under the most extreme mechanical shock and vibration and have a legacy of use on space platforms.

Samtec’s GMI SeriesSamtec’s GMI Series, a low-profile compression interposer, is a low-cost solution for board stacking, module-to-board, and LGA interfaces. The high-density, dual compression pins are on 1.00 mm (.03937”) pitch. The array is rated at 56 Gb/s PAM4. GMI is available with 100, 200, or 300 pins, and the board-to-board spacing is a low 1.27 mm (.050”). The design and materials minimize thermal expansion issues.



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