BTC Now Distributes Three Major RF Connector Manufacturers’ Lines

By Connector Supplier | September 25, 2013

BTC Now Distributes Three Major RF Connector Manufacturers’ Lines

BTC Electronic Components (BTC) announced they are now a franchised/authorized distributor for three best-of-brand RF connector manufacturers: Emerson Connectivity Solutions’ Trompeter line, Amphenol RF, and Delta Electronics Manufacturing.

The RF connectors are utilized in a wide range of markets including defense, industrial, wireless infrastructure, medical, and automotive. Additionally, they are available in a variety of sizes, styles, materials, and frequencies, which makes them useful in numerous applications.

“With RF technology constantly evolving, you need to have the products and inventory to meet customer demand,” said Keith Filter, director of product management at BTC. “Being a franchised stocking distributor for three industry leaders puts BTC in a unique position to fulfill all of our customer’s RF connector requests, regardless of the industry or application.”

Visit BTC online.

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