Binder M16 Connectors with Crimp Termination

By Connector Supplier | July 08, 2013

Binder M16 Connectors with Crimp Termination

Binder-USA announced the addition of crimp termination to a variety of M16 connectors. Expanding the M16 product line with crimp termination will offer more options for factory production and increase productivity by simplifying assembly of the connectors. The M16 connectors with crimp contacts are well suited for high-production industrial and commercial applications.

The option of crimp termination has been added to the Series 423 and 723 IP67 connectors and the Series 581 and 680 IP40 connectors. A variety of options are available for each series including straight and right-angle cable connectors and mating front- and rear-mount receptacles. Male and female connectors are offered in 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8-pin versions and accept individual contacts, which are sold separately. The contacts accept wire sizes of 26-24 AWG or 22-20 AWG and can be installed with standard crimp tooling.

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