A Good Partnership: Adapting a Solid Solution to Meet Customer Needs in the Field

By Contributed Article | September 21, 2012

Whelen Engineering is the only US-based early warning equipment manufacturer that produces its products entirely in the US. Since 1952, the company’s innovative safety warning systems have made it a recognized leader in the industry.

For the past 10 years, Whelen has partnered with Schleuniger for their wire processing needs. They utilize a number of Schleuniger’s cut-and-strip machines, as well as prefeeders, coilers, end strippers, and coaxial stripping equipment.

Recently, Whelen had an ergonomic and processing issue with a particular work cell involving a cut, strip, and coil line. The work cell setup required an operator to reach over the coiling pans to remove the cables. This was ergonomically incorrect. Whelen discussed lowering the bowls, redirecting the wire, and moving the controls for opposite-side access, but this would require the bowls to rotate differently and would involve extensive mechanical modifications. After careful review, Schleuniger engineers designed mechanical modifications, reconfigured the electronic motor controls, and developed a customized solution that would fit Whelen’s needs. Schleuniger’s solution allowed employees to operate and approach the coiler in a significantly more ergonomic fashion, without altering the flow of the work.

Truly customized service is rare in today’s industrial sector, but Schleuniger recognized that serving the customer means not just selling the customer a device, but making sure that the product serves the customer the way it needs to. Vendors that offer not just quality equipment but a firm commitment for support keep their business a competitive leader.

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