L-com Creates Industrial/Outdoor-Rated Bulk Ethernet Cable Product Center

By Cable Assembly Supplier | March 01, 2013

L-com Creates Industrial Outdoor-Rated Bulk Ethernet Cable Product Center

L-com has created a new bulk Ethernet product cable center. The new online product center includes all of L-com’s existing products as well as a few new styles, and a cross-reference table to help customers determine the specifications of each item.

Cabling to support Ethernet in industrial and harsh environments is a growing market, but there are many different factors that make each environment unique. This necessitates multiple cabling styles to cover all applications, but with multiple styles comes more confusion. L-com’s new page is designed to help choose the correct bulk cable based on each cable’s specific properties.

“As we learn more about all of the niche applications that require solutions, we found our bulk cable line expanding quickly,” said David Gallagher, product manager. “We knew we needed one place to clarify the different options and we expect this offering to continue to expand.”

This is the latest move in supporting industrial Ethernet at L-com. Last month the company announced it was carrying RJ45 plugs designed for the larger OD of industrial cables. In December, it added eight new ruggedized Ethernet cable assembly lines and added ruggedized Ethernet options to its custom cable configurator.

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