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By Connector Supplier | February 03, 2013
Schleuniger Inc.Company Name: Schleuniger Inc.

North American Headquarters Location: Manchester, N.H.

The Big Picture: “What transports, protects, amuses, cares, or provides for people almost always contains a little piece of Schleuniger technology.”

About the Company

Schleuniger (pronounced SHLOI-NI-GER) is one of the leading international manufacturers of high-precision cable processing machines. Whether cutting, stripping, crimping, sealing, or marking, Schleuniger’s automatic and semi-automatic machines process cables reliably, economically, and precisely. The North American headquarters supports the North, Central, and South American markets.

At a Glance:

  • Innovative wire processing solutions
  • Variety of value-added services
  • Comprehensive range of products for virtually all wire processing applications
  • Toll-free technical support in the US
  • On-site field service
  • Local sales and service locations throughout North and South America
Notable Quotable: “At Schleuniger we claim to be precise — with good reason. That is our passion and the standard we set for ourselves.“

Product Offering

Schleuniger provides state-of-the-art wire processing machines for cutting, stripping, crimping, sealing, and marking wire, and cable and tubing of all types, including single conductor wire, coax, multi-conductor, POF, fiber optic cables, and flat cables.

Legacy Product of Note

Schleuniger developed the world’s first semi-automatic coaxial cable stripper in the mid 1980s and continues to be the world leader in coaxial cable stripping machines today.

Marquis Product of Today

Schleuniger is the industry leader in sales of semi- and fully automatic coaxial cable strippers.


Whether for the automobile, entertainment, or communications industry, with household appliances, medical technology, or computers, from coffee machines to game consoles, mobile phones to aerospace technology, more than 10,000 companies worldwide rely on the efficiency of Schleuniger cable-processing solutions.

Industrial • automotive • medical • military • alternative energy • appliance • marine • aerospace • computer • consumer electronics • lighting • telecom/datacom

Notable Quotable: “Wherever cable or plug-in connections are in use, the Schleuniger solution is never far away.”

Customer Service Highlights

  • Complete array of services to support customers throughout the entire lifecycle of their machines
  • Application sampling as well as on-site demonstrations to help customers find the right machine for their specific applications
  • Preventive maintenance and extended warranties that can prolong the life of our machines, allowing customers to maintain high standards and minimizing downtime
  • Customized or standardized training and seminars to educate customers on the full range of possibilities and capabilities of Schleuniger equipment

What is your company’s most notable achievement?

Schleuniger’s most notable achievement is the development of the world’s first programmable coaxial cable stripper.

Notable Quotable: “Schleuniger excels in the areas of product quality, customer service, and the development of unique solutions for wire processing applications. We take pride in the machines that we produce and work to ensure each customer gets the individualized attention they need for their specific wire processing application.”

What’s next?

“We expect to see further growth in the wire and cable processing industry, especially on the smaller and larger ends of the scale. We have addressed these new requirements and will continue to monitor the markets to provide timely solutions based on our customers’ needs.”

Schleuniger, Inc.
North American Headquarters
87 Colin Drive
Manchester, NH 03103
P: 603-668-8117
F: 603-668-8119
[email protected]


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