Fiber Optic MIL/Aero Cable Assemblies Product Roundup

By AJ Born | July 19, 2022

This week’s Product Roundup highlights fiber optic MIL/Aero cable assemblies from leading suppliers.

Fiber-Optic MIL/Aero Cable Assemblies

Amphenol Aerospace fiber optic cableAmphenol Aerospace offers a comprehensive line of single-mode and multi-mode cable assemblies in a variety of cable configurations, from simplex jumpers to multi-fiber custom assemblies. High quality polishing processes meet and exceed industry standard specifications for insertion loss, return loss, and end-face geometry. All assemblies are designed to intermateability standards for optical and physical performance criteria. Amphenol can assemble, polish, and test many harsh environment and commercial connectors including MIL-PRF-29504/4, /5, /15 Style (1.6 mm ferrule available in single and multi-mode).

Powell Diamond AVIMThe Diamond AVIM from Powell is a multipurpose Commercial Off-The-Shelf fiber optic connector offering high optical performance that is capable in dynamic environments of mobile platforms, including avionics and especially space flight. AVIM, developed in the 1990s for aerospace applications, is compatible with the DIN LSA connector as well as with the widest range of optical fibers, including singlemode (SM), multimode (MM), polarization maintaining (PM), and other fibers of different core/cladding sizes, multi-fiber ferrule, and multi-core fibers. High performance in the form of lowest insertion loss is provided by Diamond’s unique Active Core Alignment termination process and high return loss for the most demanding, high bandwidth transmission systems. AVIM’s features include low IL, miniaturized MIL-style ratchet system with high vibration/shock resistance, and unique AVIM 2-piece cleanable adapter for easy cleaning and maintenance access.

CDM MPS tactical fiber optic cableTactical Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies from MPS and supplied by CDM Electronics offer ruggedized optical interconnect solutions for the most demanding environments. High-density military ruggedized cable assemblies are available for shipboard, mobile, airborne, and field deployed conditions as well as commercial applications for manufacturing facilities and the mining and drilling industries. For military applications, MPS uses QPL’d hardware and fiber cable qualified to DOD MIL-PRF-85045 and U.S. Army CECOM A3159879 standards.


Molex fiber optic cable ar AvnetMolex LC2+ Metal Optical Connectors, supplied by Avnet, is one of the only product lines with metal housings, delivering a high performance, discrete-fiber solution for use in severe operating environments in military, industrial, telecom, and medical applications. LC2+ connectors are the next-generation solution to the highly popular LC connector interface. The LC2+ interface is found on many active devices (LED and laser-based) in common equipment applications. These connectors are designed to support the enhanced performance (EP) aerospace-grade optical cabling, available from cable-manufacturing vendors, in addition to meeting all FOCIS 10 specifications.

Cinch Stratos Optical TransceiverThe Cinch Connectivity Solutions’ Stratos Brand Low Rider Optical Transceiver family is designed specifically with the rugged MIL/aero and Industrial markets in mind. The Low Rider products cover a variety of data rates and wavelengths with a common footprint form factor. Low Rider transceivers can be ordered with conformal coating, with fiber pigtails, with screw posts as opposed to SMT solder mount, or as a “pluggable” device. The new Low Rider pluggable product line utilizes secure mounting techniques with captive screws, and a true pin and socket electrical connection designed for high speed and high vibration performance.

TE expanded beamTE Connectivity’s proven expanded beam connector design now has a MIL-qualified version. The benchmark PRO BEAM Jr. connector series was the model for the MIL-DTL-83526/20 and /21 specifications. As the first to achieve full M83526/20 and /21 qualification, all connectors that follow must prove intermateability to the TE solution. TE’s military qualified expanded beam connector family is designed for use in the most demanding harsh environment applications, including commercial aerospace, military, industrial and offshore system applications. The fully intermateable PRO BEAM Jr. connector series provides flexibility with single mode, multimode, and mixed mode. The dual wavelength qualified connector supports two or four channels using a common insert and accepts a wide range of cables. It is field reparable, has hermaphroditic coupling, and enables daisy-chaining assemblies to support varying distances. 

Samtec FireflyThe Samtec ETUO is an extended temperature active optical FireFly™ micro cable assembly with a -40 ºC to +85 ºC range for military and industrial applications. The industry-leading miniature footprint of FireFly allows for greater density and closer proximity to the IC, which simplifies board layout and enhances signal integrity. 28 Gb/s performance can be achieved in a footprint of only 0.63 square inches, for an aggregate 265 Gb/s per square inch. The optical system is available in x4 and x12 designs that incorporate OM3 multi-mode fiber and are available in a variety of End 2 options and heat sinks for various cooling processes. FireFly Micro Flyover System gives designers the flexibility of using micro footprint high-performance optical and low-cost copper interconnects interchangeably with the same connector system.

SureSeal fiber opticSure-Seal Connections® from PEI-Genesis offers a range of fiber optic cable assemblies and adapters for harsh industrial communication applications. Available in both singlemode (9/125) and multimode (50/125 & 62.5/125) permutations, Sure-Seal fiber optic patch cables are thoroughly tested and certified in all standard connector offerings, including but not limited to LC, SC, ST, FC, and MPO. Sure-Seal Fiber Optic Patch Cords are available off-the-shelf in a variety of pre-terminated lengths, but custom variations and lengths of all standard cable assemblies are offered.

Souriau 8D-ELIO at PEIThe Souriau 8D ELIO Series from PEI-Genesis is a flexible 38999 circular option for fiber optic termini. They are designed around a robust 2.5 mm ceramic ferrule, with insertion and retention held stable by a bayonet locking mechanism, and are simple to use and terminate. These connectors are used by Airbus as a standard on aircraft programs like A380, A350, A330 for all the communication using fiber optic. With the ELIO fiber optic termini, the connection is sealed from the rear side without a backshell or grommet, covering layouts from 1 to 25 ways in all types of material shells. In the female insert, the termini are flushed to the insert surface, thus making it easy to inspect and clean the fiber optical end-face inspection and cleaning, compared to the traditional dust collecting socket design. Fiber optic termini are also keyed for better vibration withstanding and optical performances repeatability. The same termini part number can adapt tight or loose structure cable. These contact extensions are ideal for the aerospace, defense, marine and industrial markets, with excellent vibration resistance and optical performance.

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