TE’s 64-Fiber MXC Cable Assemblies Provide Increased Density and Faster Installation

By News Release | April 07, 2014

TE’s 64-Fiber MXC Cable Assemblies, coming later this year, provide increased density and faster installation.

TE Connectivity MXCTE Connectivity plans to release MXC fiber cable assemblies later this year. This new product line will support 64 fibers and accommodate up to 25Gb/s per channel, allowing for aggregate data transfers of 1.6Tb/s. MXC fiber cable assemblies will complement TE’s soon-to-be-released 25G active optics, which feature Coolbit optical engines, allowing for greater speed, density, and energy efficiency for communication systems.

“The development of MXC fiber cable assemblies signifies TE’s continued ability to support fiber connectivity for communication systems, from the face plate to the backplane and everything in between,” said Kaitlin Vaughn, product manager, TE. “This next-generation product offers customers the dual benefit of higher density and easier installation and maintenance, which are critical areas to consider when choosing a durable fiber connection.”

The MXC 64-fiber cable assemblies provide 33% more density and up to 10 times more dust/dirt immunity than traditional multi-fiber interconnects. This performance is a result of expanded beam technology — an optical advancement that significantly reduces the effect of dust particles on light transmitted from a fiber. With a greater immunity to contamination, the MXC product offers a more stable optical connection, which can lead to:

  • Faster installation times. In addition to the benefit of decreased cleaning/inspections, the MXC product design features a reduced mating force and precise alignment for faster, easier installations.
  • Simplified management and maintenance. The fiber cable assemblies reduce the number of inspections, replacements of damaged connectors, and/or cleaning requirements over the product’s lifetime.

These two significant benefits can ultimately help lower data center OPEX costs associated with using optical connectivity. Qualified products will be available in the second half of 2014.

News Release
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