SCHURTER High-Temperature Cord Connectors

By News Release | March 02, 2015

The new SCHURTER high-temperature cord connectors are compatible with IEC 60320, C22, and C21 at 155°C for elevated ambient temperature.

SCHURTERSCHURTER High-Temperature Cord Connectors introduced its high-temperature cord connectors to extend its range of IEC high-temperature power inlets according to IEC/UL 60320. The high-temperature appliance inlet and cord connectors are designed according to IEC. They are rated according to IEC for 16A at 250VAC and 20A at 250VAC according to UL/CSA. Pin temperature may reach a maximum of 155°C, as defined by the IEC styles C22 and C21.

The high-temperature appliance inlet, series 1681, offers variations for snap-in or screw-on mounting. The inlet can be specified with terminals for solder, quick-connect, or screw connections. The inlet is also available with an EMC filter, series C22F.

The cord connector comes in a straight (series 1658) and an angled (series 1659) design. Cables with a conductor cross-section of up to 2.5mmor 10AWG can be used. The IEC high-temperature appliance inlet and the cord connectors are ENEC-, UL/CSA-, and CCC-approved, and meet environmental standards for RoHS and CHINA-ROHS compliance. They are used in equipment that operates in elevated ambient temperatures and/or with high currents.

Applications include datacom equipment, where increased power and decreased size are trending, as well as portable industrial equipment such as heating systems. The appliance inlet and cord connectors also meet the requirements of IEC 60335-1 for household appliances, which covers enhanced requirements of glow wire tests for unattended household appliances according to IEC 60695-2-12 and -13.

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