How to Specify Mini-SAS HD Connectors and Cable Assemblies

There are a number of variables to consider when choosing Mini-SAS HD interconnects, and here TE offers tips on how to specify Mini-SAS HD connectors and cable assemblies to achieve the necessary performance level. † Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) connectors are essential for interconnecting storage systems in the data center. SAS defines the standard interconnectRead More


The METZ CONNECT M12 D-Code plug is field-assembled for PROFINET and Ethernet IP applications. METZ CONNECT now offers the M12 Category 5 plug with D-coding, which is designed for assembly in the field. The four-pole D-coded M12 plug was developed specifically for Industrial Ethernet applications that require a robust and reliable connection. Offering data transfer rates of up toRead More

TE AMPSEAL 16 Hybrid Lever Connector System

The TE AMPSEAL 16 hybrid lever connector system is designed for the harsh conditions in agricultural, construction, marine, and off-highway industries. TE Connectivity Industrial & Commercial Transportation released the AMPSEAL 16 hybrid lever connector system. The heavy-duty, environmentally sealed AMPSEAL 16 hybrid lever connectors are designed to stand up to the harsh conditions of the agricultural, construction,Read More

Mill-Max Wire Termination Pins and Receptacles

The new Mill-Max wire termination pins and receptacles are precision-machined and feature solder cups for efficient soldering. Mill-Max expanded its line of wire termination products with six new pins and receptacles – three mated pairs – which facilitate the wire-attachment process. Each features a solder cup for easy and efficient soldering and is precision-machined to provide the consistentRead More

Facts & Figures: Currency Impact on Regional Industry Growth

As emerging economies slowed almost as dramatically as they had grown, and with the European Union’s attempt to spur economic growth by expanding the money supply, sales abroad are worth a lot less when translated back to US dollars. †   Right now, probably more than any other period in history, currency rates have a majorRead More

JST XNI Series Wire-to-Board Crimp-Style Disconnectible Connectors

The new JST XNI Series wire-to-board crimp-style disconnectible connectors feature JST’s unique inertia locking mechanism to prevent false mating. JST Corporation’s new XNI Series wire-to-board, 2.5mm (.098″) pitch, crimp-style connectors offer high reliability and provide stable contact performance under high-vibration conditions. The headers and housings incorporate polarization, keying (physical and color), and secure locking features. TheRead More

Managing Next-Generation High-Speed Signals

The physics associated with electronic signaling may point to the need for a more holistic system approach to higher performance.     At the beginning of the electronics era, the biggest challenge circuit engineers faced was designing low-resistance links between components. Very-early electronic systems often used discrete wire to make these connections, a process that wasRead More

TE Enhanced USB Type-C Connector

The TE enhanced USB Type-C connector provides improved ruggedness and EMI performance for the next-generation I/O standard.  TE Connectivity introduced its USB Type-C connector, a do-it-all interface that eliminates the need for multiple cords in a broad range of products from slim handheld devices to robust industrial applications. TE’s new USB Type-C connector features enhancedRead More

The Promise of Reversible USB Type-C Connectors

The new reversible USB Type-C connectors will replace existing USB types.     The first PCs and related accessories that incorporate the new USB Type-C connectors are now being released. Type-C connectors are covered by the recently updated Standard USB 3.1 (April 3, 2015) from the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) and will be used with bothRead More

Safety and Compatibility in “Hot” Appliance Couplers

Heat-generating appliances place special demands on the products’ power supplies. Couplers can guarantee safety and compatibility.     Electric grills, heating devices, powerful projectors, data servers, or lighting systems – all these appliances generate a high degree of heat during operation and place special demands on the power supply. Inherent risks such as overheating, shortRead More

How to Specify 40G Cabling

40-gigabit applications over various media types are intended to reduce bottlenecks by providing improved speed within and between data centers.     The exponential growth of Internet and mobile device data traffic has had a huge impact on data center servers, high-performance computing clusters, and network storage equipment that serve and manage this traffic. 40-gigabit applicationsRead More

Amphenol Industrial’s RoboLok Primary Circuit Power Connector

Amphenol Industrial’s RoboLok primary circuit power connector enables quick disconnect and easy assembly with the power of RADSOK technology. Amphenol Industrial Products Group now offers RoboLok, a three-position, high-current primary circuit power connector. This new connector features three fixed, proprietary RADSOK contacts on each connector, offering a wide range of cable contact configurations. Ideal forRead More

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