Samtec New Edge Card Socket Combines High Density with Lower Cost

By Connector Supplier | October 14, 2013

Samtec’s New Edge Card SocketSamtec New Edge Card Socket in BEC5 Series

Samtec’s line of high-speed edge-card solutions now includes a high-density edge-card socket (BEC5C Series) featuring up to 140 total contacts on 0.50mm pitch. This micro card socket is ideal for high-speed applications requiring board space savings. The dual-beam, bi-level contact system is on a staggered 0.5 mm pitch, which reduces card mating force without reducing reliability. This vertical socket is available for both .062″ (1.60mm) and .093″ (2.36mm) card thicknesses. Standard features include a lower-cost phosphor bronze contact, weld tabs, alignment pins, and lead-free, solder-crimp terminations for easy board processing. Tin-lead solder charges, as well as alternative platings and pin counts, are also available.

Samtec offers a complete line of high-speed edge-card sockets in a variety of pitches from 0.50mm to 2mm. Orientations include vertical, right-angle, and edge-mount designs to support high-density, standard, and specific application needs.

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