Samtec Acquires Teraspeed Consulting Group

By News Release | October 10, 2014


Samtec acquires Teraspeed Consulting Group to help meet its ongoing goal of providing true end-to-end signal integrity interconnect solutions to customers.

Samtec has acquired Teraspeed Consulting Group, a team of interconnect engineers who provide enabling technology and support in the design and implementation of high-performance systems. Teraspeed Consulting Group will maintain operations under the name Teraspeed Consulting – A Division of Samtec.

“In all high-end products, the customers’ circuit boards must be optimized for the specific connector. To stay competitive, connector companies are building their SI expertise not just for their own design challenges but also to assist their customers,” said Eric Bogatin, Teledyne LeCroy Signal Integrity Academy. “This is why Samtec recently acquired Teraspeed Consulting to strengthen its support for solving customers’ SI problems.”

Teraspeed Consulting offers complete silicon-to-silicon signal integrity design solutions from bare die, to package, to board, to connector or cable, and back again. This team provides a combined 175 years of signal integrity expertise and capabilities directly to customers’ engineers, including IC package optimization, complete system design, signal and power integrity analysis, advanced package engineering, and in-depth signal integrity training.

As 28Gb/s systems move into mainstream markets, with 40 and 56Gb/s soon to follow, the need to develop solutions that support both high density and signal integrity performance at that speed is becoming increasingly important. At these extreme speeds, Teraspeed Consulting can guide customers through their complete product design, taking the concept of signal integrity optimization beyond the connector and into the entire system.

Samtec, along with Teraspeed Consulting, is uniquely positioned to provide true end-to-end signal integrity interconnect solutions through expertise in high speed connectors, cables, active optical assemblies, and IC packaging. These solutions are supported with Samtec’s integrated global service, manufacturing, and quality strategies, along with its renowned Sudden Service and highly qualified signal integrity engineers, ensuring the highest quality products, service, and information.

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