Push Pull Connectors for Medical Applications Product Roundup

By AJ Born | April 12, 2022

This week’s Product Roundup highlights push-pull connectors for medical applications from leading suppliers.

Push Pull Connectors for Medical Applications

Souriau JMX Series Plastic Push-Pull Coupling Connectors, supplied by Allied Electronics & Automation, Souriau JMX Series Plastic Push-Pull Coupling Connectors, supplied by Allied Electronics & Automation, offer reliable mating with a push-pull locking mechanism with an audible and tactile indicator that only requires two fingers to mate/unmate securely. The JMX connectors are capable of mating over 2,000 times. These IP68-rated connectors offer protection from fluid ingress and liquid projection in mated or unmated condition. Souriau JBX Metal Push-Pull Circular Connectors are designed for both indoor and outdoor high-reliability applications requiring a quick-and-easy connect/disconnect method and can withstand up to 5,000 mating cycles. The design features a small footprint for ease-of-use in limited spaces and a 360° EMI shielded metal housing for reliable signal integrity performance, even in high vibration and shock environments. The waterproof and extreme high temperature resistance characteristics of the JMX series make it ideal for medical applications. The plastic push-pull connectors can also be used in instrumentation and measurement applications, and a range of industrial applications requiring a lightweight yet durable harsh environment interconnect solution.

ELC male cable connector from binder for medical applicationsThe ELC Series 570 for medical applications available from binder features a unique snap-in locking system that ensures more than 5,000 mating operations, meeting the requirements of many medical device OEMs. The connector has a PA66 plastic housing in gray-white, similar to RAL 9002, 4/8/12 gold-plated contacts for a connection cross section of 0.25 mm², and is designed for a rated current of 2 A at 150 V. When unplugged, the flange socket is protected against the ingress of liquids, splashing water, and accidental electrical contact. When plugged in, the ELC connector has protection class IP54.

PEI-Genesis offers LEMO’s B-Series push-pull connectorPEI-Genesis offers LEMO’s B-Series push-pull connector featuring a secure, push-pull latching system with high-density panel spacing, 360° EMI shielding, and quick mating and unmating. This push-pull connector series is designed for indoor or vacuum-tight applications, making it an ideal choice for medical devices, Test & Measurement instruments, research, audio/video, and applications requiring a highly reliable, quick-mating connector. Modular insert configurations include a wide range of high-density or hybrid electrical contacts, including solder, crimp, PCB straight or elbow, fiber, coax, thermocouple, pneumatic, fluidic, or high-voltage contacts. LEMO’s proprietary keying system allows for a higher contact density while preventing mismating. This series includes the size range of 0B to 5B, as well as the 00 multipole and 2G (shortened version of the 2B series). PEI-Genesis’ Value Add Services are available for the LEMO B-Series with rapid turnaround.

Smiths Interconnect Hypergrip Flex connector for medical applicationsSmiths Interconnect HyperGrip Series are circular plastic, user-configurable, color-coded medical connectors with push-pull latching design allowing for one-hand disconnect. HyperGrip is designed to meet medical industry requirements such as finger-proofing to IEC60601 and a flammability rating of up to UL94 V0. It is compatible with most sterilization requirements. The unique HyperGrip keying system with six different keying options allows customers greater flexibility to build connectors from a set of common components, thereby reducing cost, lead time, and inventory. Unique to HyperGrip is the front or rear panel- mount receptacle design, which allows the user to mount the harness assembly from inside or outside the device enclosure.

The ix Industrial IP6X Rectangular Push-Pull connector and cable solution from Amphenol Communications SolutionsThe ix Industrial IP6X Rectangular Push-Pull connector and cable solution from Amphenol Communications Solutions provides Cat6A Ethernet connectivity using the IEC 61076-3-124 mating interface and full sealing to IP65, IP66, and IP67 specifications. While intended for use in industrial ethernet applications requiring additional environmental protection, Ix Industrial IP6X has a small, lightweight form factor that works in medical applications and any indoor and outdoor rugged/harsh environments.

Hirose’s IP68-rated waterproof HR30 Series connectorHirose’s IP68-rated waterproof HR30 Series connector features a lightweight plastic shell that is corrosion resistant. In addition to patient monitoring equipment, the HR30 is well suited for LED lighting, streetlamps, base transceiver systems (BTS), and industrial applications such as servo motors, FA robotic, ship GPS, Test & Measurement, and linear scales. The HR30 Series has an operating temperature range of -40˚C to +105˚C, a contact resistance of 5 m to 30 ohms maximum at 1 A, and an insulation resistance of 1,000 M ohms maximum at 100 V DC. This connector has a rated voltage of 30 V AC, 100 V AC, 42 V DC, and 140 V DC, depending on the number of positions. The three-position HR30 Series has a rated current of 5 A, while the 6-, 10-, and 12-position connectors are rated to 2 A. When the connector is mated, the unique waterproof gasket design prevents water intrusion, even while submerged at two meters for 14 days. The HR30 Series’ innovative cable clamping method simplifies field assembly. The connector quickly clamps and seals automatically by tightening the rear housing over the cable — compressing the seal for waterproof operation. The push-on/pull-off mating ensures a secure connection via a sleeve locking mechanism. The plug and jack are designed for overmolding for design flexibility and customization.

Fischer Core Brass/Disposable/Plastic, Fischer MiniMax, and Fischer FreedomFischer Connectors for medical applications, such as Fischer Core Brass/Disposable/Plastic, Fischer MiniMax, and Fischer Freedom, offer a wide variety of reliable push-pull connectors and cable assembly solutions. Miniature, sterilizable, reusable, disposable, hybrid connectors and cables, including silicone overmolds, thermoplastic, and low-friction coatings, help reduce risk, comply to FDA standards, and develop safe, sleek devices that improve patient lives and outcomes. Connectors are available in a large variety of sizes, materials (brass, aluminum, plastic, stainless steel), configurations, and custom designs for a multitude of medical applications such as interventional and surgical robotics, diagnostic imaging equipment, exoskeletons, and monitoring and therapeutic devices. They are designed to meet specific needs and technical requirements enhancing patient safety and ease of use, with unfailing performance, secure and error-free connections with safe locking systems, color coding for easy identification, and reliable data transmission with EMI/RFI shielding. Fischer connectors are corrosion proof and sterilizable (steam autoclave, chemicals, radiation); offer multipurpose connectivity with reusable, sterilizable, hybrid, or cost-effective disposable solutions; quick and safe connections with blind mating and easy handling even with gloves; easy cleaning with watertight IP68/IP69 sealing and hermeticity; and minimum maintenance due to highly durable solutions. Space- and weight-saving design means enhanced portability and wearability. Cable management optimization eliminates tangles and reduces snagging and clutter. Plug-and-use technology allows for fast equipment setup times.

JPC Connectivity’s 1P Series plastic and medical connectorsJPC Connectivity’s 1P Series plastic and medical connectors are ideal for medical equipment. They feature quick mating/unmating, keying, color-coding, chemical resistance, vibration resistance, and endure high-temperature and pressure. From patient monitoring devices to disposable surgical ablation catheters, JPC connectors offer medical grade push-pull self-latching connectors in plastic, metal, and waterproof IP68 configurations. JPC has a wide offering of push-pull connectors to resolve the most pressing application issues. Available as a harness assembly or as standalone connectors, these interconnect solutions are manufactured in an ISO 13485 certified facility. The company’s engineering team is available to support all stages of medical device development.

PEI-Genesis offers LEMO’s B-Series push-pull connectorThe new LEMO REDEL multi-contact high-voltage 10kVac insert arrangements offer 2, 5, or 8 HV contacts within a single plastic connector. These connectors are designed for pulsed field ablation and pulsed electric field medical catheters, safe handling of high voltages in industrial applications, or testing of electric vehicle batteries.



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