Phoenix Contact Expands Push-in Terminal Block Line

By Connector Supplier | July 31, 2013

Phoenix Contact Expands Push-in Terminal Block Line

Phoenix Contact has expanded its line of push-in technology (PT) terminal blocks to include a smaller version of the popular STIO 2.5 series. The PTIO 1.5/S series is only 3.5mm wide with a new top-level location for the power wiring. The blocks offer the market’s highest-density power distribution for field sensors and actuators.

The compact double-level terminals are available in three-wire and four-wire versions. The upper level is for signal feed-through and is available with or without an LED. Continuous bridge shafts allow a quick and simple potential distribution of power using push-in bridges.

The PT terminal blocks allow easy and fast termination of ferruled wire by simply pushing the wire for a complete termination. Stranded wire is terminated by pushing the orange actuator, opening the spring for the insertion of the wire. All new versions are compatible with the Clipline Complete system of bridging, marking, and test accessories.

The PT 1.5/S series features up to 50% reduction push-in force compared to other push-in type terminal blocks and allows for up to 35% faster termination than standard spring cage due to the short push-button activation stroke. It is five times the IEC requirement for retention force and is the most compact solution available.

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