LED Product Roundup  

By Amy Goetzman | May 02, 2023

This week’s Product Roundup highlights connectors from leading suppliers that are used in applications involving LEDs.


Dialight 657 PMI from RSThe new Dialight 657 PMI from RS is designed for a 11/16” mounting hole diameter and is available with a flat or domed lens. It has 6” wire leads and comes in an array of color combinations. The indicator features a UV-stabilized high-impact resistant polycarbonate housing, which can tolerate operating temperatures from -40 °C to +85 °C and is IP67 and NEMA 4X rated. At an operating voltage ranging from 10 to 30 VDC, the indicator yields an almost constant intensity.

RAST 1.5 from LumbergA widely used OEM and Tier1 product, RAST 1.5 from Lumberg offers direct mating, insulation displacement technology (IDT), alternatively with or without closed sides. Compared to the already small RAST 2.5, it saves another 43% in size and is designed for currents up to 1 A. A significant proportion of previous RAST 2.5 connectors are used below 1 A and can now be replaced by RAST 1.5 to save space on the PCB. The characteristic RAST coding is available as well as the option of a fully automated cable assembly. Due to its reduced conductor cross-sections, this product offers a weight savings of 40%.

Wamco based LED lamps, available from Powell ElectronicsWamco LED lamps, available from Powell Electronics, can be purchased in numerous combinations of colors, voltages, and base types to allow for direct replacement of many industry standard incandescent lamps. Custom design is available. Features include high energy efficiency (up to 80% power reduction versus traditional incandescent or halogen lamps) and reduced maintenance costs (50,000 hour life). These LEDs are RoHS compliant and maintain a stable temperature, ensuring consistent output. They are ideal for indoor or sealed outdoor applications. 6V through 240V.

Greenconn’s RAST connectorsGreenconn’s RAST connectors are glow-wire-compatible with various options for customization, such as locking mechanisms, position and keying systems, and color-coding features. As an IDC (insulation displacement connector), where the insulation of the cable is pierced by the terminal within the connector during assembly, RAST can reduce process time, and remove the need to cut, strip, and crimp individual cables. Widely used in automotive LED/lighting applications, Greenconn’s RAST series’ lean production, assembly process, and reliable connection design can perfectly meet the energy-saving and miniaturization needs of new energy vehicles.

Avnet supplies automotive-grade DuraClik Robust Series Connectors from MolexAvnet supplies automotive-grade DuraClik Robust Series Connectors from Molex that feature ISL, inertia lock, and up to 100N retention force. The DuraClik family provides superior electrical contact reliability, mating retention, and design flexibility for high-vibration applications.


Phoenix Contact’s PTSM and PTF seriesPhoenix Contact’s PTSM and PTF series offer an innovative, quick, and easy universal connection solution for rigid and flexible LED PCBs. With their light-fast, white plastic, and compact design, they are specifically developed for LED applications. They save time, thanks to easy and tool-free connection, and provide a fast startup, with pre-assembled PTF series supply element.

Amphenol Communications Solutions’ FLA Series Dimming ReceptacleAmphenol Communications Solutions’ FLA Series Dimming Receptacle ANSI C136.41 is designed with power and dimming/signal contacts to provide a connection between dimmable photocell and the luminaire for commercial and utility lighting. The locking receptacles are compliant with ANSI C136.10. FLA Dimming Receptacle comes with UL94V-0 high-temperature resistant housing and is rated up to 15A per power contact. Dimming contacts options of 0, 2, or 4. This product is RoHS compliant, has a UL94V-0 high-temperature resistant housing, and has an operating temperature range from -40 °C to +105 °C.

KYOCERA AVX 917X Series of Wire-to-Board ConnectorsFor engineers working in the automotive and industrial lighting sectors, the KYOCERA AVX 917X Series of Wire-to-Board Connectors provides strong and reliable surface mount solutions designed to work with cables ranging from 14 AWG to 28 AWG. These connectors are designed for both signal and power use, provide a gas-tight seal, and can handle currents up to 15 Amps. Additionally, the connector series comes in different lengths, with up to five positions, and can be end-stacked for ease of expansion.

binder offers LED lights in a round and compact design with M12 connection systembinder offers LED lights in a round and compact design with M12 connection system. The LED luminaire has an end cap with turned thread and comes in three different lengths. There are metal, plastic, and stainless steel versions with the options of protection degree IP67, IP68, and IP69K to resist ingress of dust and liquids.


The Hirose Electric DF57 1.2mm Pitch Swing-Lock Wire-to-Board ConnectorsThe Hirose Electric DF57 1.2mm Pitch Swing-Lock Wire-to-Board Connectors feature a low profile and a unique swing-lock structure to provide highly reliable connections. These connectors feature a stacking height of 1.44 mm for an effective mating height of 0.42 mm, swing lock with both positive and friction locks for cable pull-force resistance, high-contact lance strength, and integral molding to prevent solder wicking. These wire-to-board connectors have a rated voltage of 50VAC/DC and a rated current of 0.5A or 2.5A, depending on the number of contacts. Hirose DF57 1.2 mm Pitch W2B connectors are ideal for LED lighting, LCD TVs, LED modules, and other applications with space constraints.

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