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Top 10 Automotive Connector Manufacturers

By Ron Bishop | December 01, 2020

The automotive market is the largest market for connectivity products. As connected, autonomous, and electric automotive technologies continue to advance, demand for connectors and other key connectivity products continue to accelerate. 

The world’s top 10 automotive connector manufacturers ranked by 2019 sales collectively recorded total worldwide sales of $29.1 billion in 2019. The automotive connector market accounted for 45.1% of total 2019 sales — or $13.2 billion — for these top 10 companies, which command an automotive market share of 86.5%. In 2019, the automotive connector market was largest market among the other Bishop-defined connector markets, representing 23.7% of total global 2019 connector sales.

The digitalization of automotive technologies is advancing rapidly, creating demand for a new generation of connectivity products capable of supporting connected, autonomous, and electric drivetrain technologies, as well as LED lighting systems, infotainment and comfort features, advanced safety functions, cameras, and predictive maintenance and diagnostics capabilities. Modern passenger cars also require high-speed connectivity products including sensors, antennas, radar and display components, and a considerable volume of cable — all of which are united by connectors.

The table below ranks the top 10 largest connector manufacturers by automotive market sales.

Top 10 Automotive Connector Manufacturers by 2019 Automotive Market Sales*

Note: All dollar figures ($) listed in this table are in millions.*In addition, this table includes data provided by connector companies and information collected from public sources and Bishop & Associates’ estimates.

The leading global connector manufacturer in the 2019 automotive market was TE Connectivity, which recorded automotive-related shipments of $5,949.6 million in 2019. TE Connectivity accounted for 39.1% of total worldwide automotive connector shipments in 2019 and attributed 60% of its total 2019 sales to automotive connectors.

The second-highest ranking Top 10 automotive connector manufacturer is Yazaki, which recorded 2019 shipments totaling $2,322.7 million. Yazaki’s 2019 automotive market connector sales represent 15.3% of total worldwide automotive connector shipments and 94.0% of the company’s total sales for the year.

The third-highest ranking Top 10 automotive connector manufacturer is Aptiv, which recorded 2019 shipments totaling $1,889.0 million. Aptiv’s 2019 automotive connector sales represent 12.4% of total 2019 worldwide automotive connector shipments and 56.0% of the company’s total sales for the year.

For detailed information on the global automotive connector market, please refer to Bishop & Associates’ 2019 World Automotive Connector Market research report (M-1010-19).

Information in this article was obtained from Bishop & Associates’ 2020 edition of its Top 100 Connector Manufacturers research report. This report includes in-depth information about the companies that provide connectors to the automotive market, as well as the several other key markets that drive the connector industry. This valuable resource helps the industry learn more about connector companies’ sales, products, and their ranking among the top 100 connector manufacturers, as well as the trends that will continue to shape critical markets.

Bishop & Associates tracks a wealth of information about the connector industry and maintains a directory of over 750 connector company profiles. These profiles can also be sorted by annual sales, geographic region, country, markets served, and products manufactured, and each sort prepares a report that users can download and save for quick references.

Bishop’s new 2022–2027 Connector Industry Forecast report is also out now. This in-depth analysis examines the impact of the pandemic and other outside influences on the connector industry, explores which market sectors are poised for growth and contraction, and looks at a range of other market and product trends that will shape the industry in the next five years.

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Ron Bishop
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