What are butt contacts and high-current probes?

By AJ Born | May 02, 2023

Meet the Connector: Butt Contacts and High-Current Probes

A butt contact is an energizing connector that functions as a high current probe by directly pressing it to an electrical current-carrying surface, according to Globetech, a Tokyo-based supplier of custom connectors for industrial electrical machinery. Traditionally, a screw or a standard contact probe is used to tighten a cable to a terminal block manually. The butt contact flexibly tracks the surface of a contact point and absorbs the friction when it encounters an uneven surface, forming a stable and long-lasting electrical connection. Using a butt contact can simplify work and save time, facilitating design automation.

Globetech coil spring contact flexibly tracks contact points with uneven surfaces.

Customization of Butt Contacts

Butt contacts can be customized for specific requirements. For example, a conventional contact can damage the object being inspected. A custom a butt contact that bends at the tip, allowing it to contact multiple points so that the current isn’t concentrated in one spot, can prevent burning the inspected object. Similarly, a custom butt contact with a soft spring tip, instead of the sharp embedded tip in a conventional contact, prevents scratching the inspected object.

Globetech butt contacts

Globetech butt contacts have passed 1 million life cycle tests.


Electric inspection of automotive inverters, ECUs, motors, and batteries; AGV charging and lithium-ion battery manufacturing process; power semiconductors; smart meters; grounding of RF power supply for semiconductor manufacturing equipmen


Globetech, QA Technology Company

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