IPC DVD Explains Conflict Minerals Regulation

By News Release | August 15, 2013

IPC DVD Explains Conflict Minerals Regulation

As the first filing deadline approaches, electronics manufacturers and suppliers preparing for compliance with the US SEC conflict minerals regulation have a new resource with IPC’s 2013 Conflict Minerals Conference Proceedings. IPC’s Proceedings DVD is a compilation of audio and slide presentations recorded during its popular summer conflict minerals conference and features top experts on the conflict minerals regulation.

For companies seeking guidance on compliance with the new regulation, IPC’s 2013 Conflict Minerals Conference Proceedings provides the facts on regulatory requirements, customer requirements, and emerging industry practices. In addition to a brief history of the conflict minerals rule and an overview of regulatory requirements, topics covered include due diligence and audit preparation, risk mitigation, data management, enterprise social responsibility, and building compliance roadmaps.

“The Proceedings DVD gives those who could not attend the event the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge shared by industry experts and the experiences of those in the trenches who are developing or have developed compliance plans for their companies,” said Fern Abrams, IPC’s director of government relations and environmental policy.

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