Connectors Used in Agriculture Applications Product Roundup

By AJ Born | August 23, 2022

This week’s Product Roundup highlights connectors used in agriculture applications from leading suppliers.

Connectors Used in Agriculture Applications

The Buccaneer 4000 Series supplied by Allied Electronics & Automation has The Buccaneer 4000 Series supplied by Allied Electronics & Automation has been developed to provide excellent sealing characteristics (IP66, IP68, and IP69K) to ensure true environmental protection in harsh conditions, and to EN/IEC 60068 requirements to withstand vibrations, shock, and corrosion. Each unit has a UV-resistant, UL94-V0 flammability-rated plastic body equipped with a simple and efficient twist locking mechanism for a secure connection without special tools. Currently available in 3-, 8-, and 12-pole configurations rated up to 13A, 600V — plus a micro-B USB data connector — it offers a choice of solder and crimp contacts and can accommodate cables from 3 to 7 mm in diameter. With these features and a choice of in-line or panel mounting options, the Buccaneer 4000 Series is suited to agriculture applications as well as marine, industrial, transport, and infrastructure applications, especially where space is at a premium.

binder’s M8 connectors are a great fit for agricultural applicationsbinder’s M8 connectors are a great fit for agricultural applications as the vital link to transfer the data to the device and ultimately enable agricultural applications to work. M8 connectors are available with 3, 4, 5, 8, or 12 pins, depending on the application. For example, most sensors and power applications use 3 or 4 pins, where PROFINET and Ethernet use 4 and 8 pins. The connector choice for a specific application can be further customized by selecting options for gender, termination style, housing material, contact plating material, degree of protection, cable length, cable jacket, panel mounted or field attachable, rated voltage, and rated current.

Amphenol Communications Solutions offers IEC63171-6-compliant sealed Industrial Ethernet connectorsAmphenol Communications Solutions offers IEC63171-6-compliant sealed Industrial Ethernet connectors. The single-pair Ethernet (SPE) IP67 circular push-pull connectors and cables are IP67 rated with an M12 form factor, making them ideal for deployment in harsh outdoor agricultural environments or indoor farms. The terminable IDC plugs provide installation flexibility. SPE connectors bring direct Ethernet connectivity to peripheral devices like sensors, actuators, and vision system cameras that operate at speeds up to 1 Gb/s. SPE eliminates slow expensive and complex fieldbus protocols and connections by simplifying and standardizing network systems. The robust right-angle, vertical PCB-mount, and solder cup SPE jacks mate to field terminable plugs, providing a complete shielded interface with latching features. Current handling up to 4A supports PoDL (Power over Data Link) capability up to 1 km. Mechanically robust and secure latching with 360° shielding provides excellent performance in harsh environments. High strength plastic plug housing and coupling mechanism reduces weight and cost.

Lutronic, part of Lumberg Group, offers high-performance IP67 circular connectors with QuicklockLutronic, part of Lumberg Group, offers high-performance IP67 circular connectors with Quicklock. Quicklock releases the latch with a rocker that snaps the 2- to 12-pin connectors firmly into the sockets, and conveniently disengages the latch again with a little pressure from the finger. The male and female field-attachable connectors as well as the male and female panel-mount chassis receptacles (with a captive silicone cover) come in four design sizes with a 12, 16, 20, or 28 mm diameter of the mating face, for a rated current of 50 amps for the maximum performance version. The cable connection caters to the frequently requested larger cable diameters and ranges up to 11.5 mm and is done by soldering or, for design size 28, by screw clamps. All dimensions feature an insulating body, housing, and cap nut made of robust PBT (V0 UL94) while the brass contact male wiring pins are generally gold-plated. The connector’s Quicklock latch is made of a chromium-plated zinc alloy for all design sizes. All models are IP67 rated and designed to withstand a temperature range of between -40 °C and +80 °C, which facilitates their use in highly challenging environments, such as agriculture.

Powell’s ISOBUS Implement ConnectorPowell’s ISOBUS Implement Connector is a new design for the implement connector specified in the ISO 11783 protocol. The IBIC creates the electrical connection of implements to the tractor or other agricultural vehicles to transfer power, signals, and CAN BUS communication between the tractor and implement. Wiring is easy with standard tools in less than three minutes. It is field repairable with no special techniques or tooling required. IBIC features high-grade, non-corrosive polymers used in construction, rapid population and simple assembly, and ergonomic design with no sharp edges or parts. IBIC mates with all existing ISO 11783-2 tractor connectors and is a cost-effective solution for implement manufacturers. Its strong high-grade plastic construction will not deform if dropped. Bayonet rings are easily field replaceable to keep equipment working and reduce downtime. It is environmentally sealed and IP67 rated against moisture and dust in both mated and unmated states.

SE and LE sizes of Cinch Connectivity Solutions' Modular Integrated Connector Enclosures (ModICE) line from PEI-GenesisThe SE and LE sizes of Cinch Connectivity Solutions’ Modular Integrated Connector Enclosures (ModICE) line from PEI-Genesis offers high quality sealed packaging solutions for electronic control module applications, ideal for agriculture applications. The Cinch ModICE 1.5mm SHS System is the base interconnect technology for these enclosures. These Cinch ModICE enclosures are RoHS compliant, sealed to IP67 and IP69K, and remain sealed even when the harness connectors are not mated. The Cinch ModICE line is operable at temperatures ranging from -40 °C to 85 °C and is resistant to most industrial fluids. Both the SE and LE are offered with integrated heat shrink.

COAX Connectors’ range of N Type connectorsCOAX Connectors’ range of N Type connectors are rugged and waterproof for use in agricultural applications. They are a rugged screw coupled, mid-sized series of connectors with versions available for use up to 11 GHz (50 ohm) / 3 GHz (75 ohm). The N Type connector interface is manufactured according to Mil 30912 and is sealed to IP67 when mated. The 50-ohm and 75-ohm versions of N Type are available from COAX Connectors along with a wide range of other rugged waterproof connector types.

Samtec FTSH .050" (1.27mm) micro terminal headers, available from AvnetSamtec FTSH .050″ (1.27mm) micro terminal headers, available from Avnet, feature a variety of standard options, including a choice of surface mount, vertical, or horizontal orientations; through-hole or mixed technology tails; and a variety of post heights. Additionally, the FTSH terminal headers provide users with the choices for end shrouds and ejector shrouds for alignment or blind mating with polarization and keying options. These FTSH Series SMT terminal strips mate with FFSD / FFTP Series cable assemblies, CLP Series micro socket strips, and FLE Series socket strips. The FTSH Micro Terminal Headers are Extended Life Products (E.L.P.), pass 10-year Mixed Flowing Gas (MFG) and achieve high mating cycles (250 to 2500). The E.L.P. products are tested to rigorous standards that evaluate contact resistance in simulated storage and field conditions. The FTSH Series micro strip connector posts are 0.25 μm gold plated, and the tails are matte tin-plated. These FTSH Series headers are manufactured using black liquid crystal polymer as an insulator material and phosphor bronze for terminal materials. FTSH .050 is SET (severe environmental testing)-qualified.

Smiths Interconnect’s HDC is a standard, heavy duty, modular connector seriesSmiths Interconnect’s HDC is a standard, heavy duty, modular connector series that conforms to IEC60664 and IEC61984 standards. Through the combination of modules selected by the designer, the connector can handle different signal types such as power, signal, and data, without the need for separate connections. This flexibility makes the HDC series suitable for electrical, optical, radio frequency, high-voltage, high-current, high-speed transmission applications, and the waterproof and anti-corrosion characteristics of the metal shell ensure that HDC can work in harsh outdoor environments, such as agriculture applications.

DT to M12 adapter from Phoenix Contact The new DT to M12 adapter from Phoenix Contact saves time and labor compared with traditional splicing of M12 cord sets in wire harnessing. The increase in smart devices incorporated into agriculture machines, heavy equipment, and industrial vehicles means adapting vehicle harnesses to an M12 connection for sensors, valves, displays, and other devices is becoming prevalent. The new DT-M12 adapter makes it easy to integrate electronics with M12 connectors by adapting to harness connectors commonly stocked at vehicle and equipment manufacturers. Designed to accommodate the use of J1939 CAN bus standards, the adapter features a six-pin DT connection to a five-pin, A-code M12. The DT-M12 adapter offers a simple plug-and-play solution for both field repair and OEM designs in the agriculture, construction, and industrial vehicle markets. The adapters are rated for an extended temperature range of -30 °C to 105 °C and have IP69K protection. They are resistant to UV, oil, and chemicals and have been tested to Fertilizer UAN 32. They are available with either a plastic or stainless steel coupling nut.

MX60A Series High Pin Count waterproof connector from JAEThe MX60A Series High Pin Count waterproof connector from JAE is ideal for engine compartment applications in agriculture and other vehicles. Compatible with a high pin count of 177 positions, this automotive-grade connector features a lever structure and downsized contacts that reduces operation force. MX60A is IP69K equivalent (depending on test condition). Socket terminal retention strength is 100N or more. Both signal and power supply socket terminals are available to support a wide range of wire sizes. Easy harness assembly is accommodated with a structure that attaches the cable cover after the wires are inserted in the housing. The pin terminal maintains enough durability even with low height, 1 mm width, and 0.5 mm thickness.

Amphenol Sine waterproof automotive connectors from Chief EnterprisesAmphenol Sine waterproof automotive connectors from Chief Enterprises are made for heavy-duty markets, including agricultural equipment. Amphenol Sine can customize solutions for any customer’s needs, including custom color, labeling, and LED technology. Amphenol Sine automotive connectors are also compatible with other connectors on the market.

Amphenol LTW’s X-Lok Series connectorsAmphenol LTW’s X-Lok Series connectors are presented in various sizes for power, signal, and hybrid applications to provide fast, simple, and reliable connections. They feature a push-lock mechanism for intuitive mating with audible and tactile feedback. The X-Lok Series reduces mating failure and offers quicker installation than traditional threaded solutions. With UL1977 and 2238+50e certification, ALTW’s X-Lok is ideal for agriculture and other outdoor applications. X-Lok Mini is the best alternative solution to M12.

JPC Connectivity’s waterproof line of M8s and M12s JPC Connectivity’s waterproof line of M8s and M12s is available with IP65 and IP67 sealing to serve in the harshest agriculture environments. JPC’s M Series cable assemblies provide a cost-effective, flexible connectivity solution with reliable electrical and mechanical stability in the field. Serving agriculture applications, including power, sensor, cable connections, and signal transmission, this line is available overmolded or with field serviceable connectors. 


LEMO B SeriesFor applications requiring quick and secure push-pull latching, such as agricultural instruments, the LEMO B Series offers a flexible, ergonomic, and rugged circular multipole connector. Complex systems of sensors and controllers are required to activate nozzles to spray herbicide at a precise rate, and the LEMO B Series provides these reliable interconnections.

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