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Top 10 Connector Suppliers by World Sales 

By Lynda Nolen | December 05, 2023

Identifying the Top 10 companies is harder than you think. The answer depends on the definition of Top 10. For example, Top 10 in world sales? Top 10 in each geographic region? Top 10 in each product category? Top 10 in markets served? There are 59 companies that achieve Top 10 ranking, when the four definitions are applied. This first article in our 4 part series identifies the Top 10 by total world sales.

Design engineers and purchasing personnel strive to identify the best connector companies for their design and purchasing requirements. However, identifying the best companies is not an easy task.  Answers to the following questions are important.

  • Which companies offer the products and services we require? Which companies offer the fastest delivery, reasonable prices, and exceptional quality?
  • Which are the easiest companies to deal with?
  • Which companies can we count on when there is a problem?

The answers to these questions are not easy. It takes hands-on experience and time to sort through the hundreds of connector companies in the industry. Only working with companies will provide the insights needed to determine which companies you want to include in your supply chain. However, first you need to narrow down the options.

Selecting a connector vendor

It is nearly impossible to vet the nearly 1,500 companies in the connector industry. A process must be put in place to first determine which companies deserve a close examination. A good starting point is to examine the largest companies in sales. Generally, the larger companies have been successful because they provide good service, have high quality products, offer reasonable prices, and are global. In effect, customers have rewarded them for their good performance. We believe identifying the top 10 companies, using different definitions of what constitutes top 10, is the logical starting point for identifying the best connector suppliers.

Specifically, what companies are the:

  • Top 10 in world sales
  • Top 10 in each geographic region
  • Top 10 by product type
  • Top 10 within each market

This article will provide you with the names of the Top 10 companies in world sales. Subsequent articles will identify the top 10 companies in each region of the world, the Top 10 in products manufactured, and the top 10 in markets served. We will publish these articles in the weeks ahead.

The source of this information is found in Bishop & Associates’ Top 100 Connector Manufacturers research report. If you are interested in learning about the companies ranked beyond the top 10 described in this article, please visit the link provided above to order your copy of the 2023 edition.

When we have finished publishing the Top 10 articles, you will learn there are 59 companies that receive a Top 10 ranking in either global connector sales, sales by region, sales by product, or sales by market sector. If you wish to see more potential suppliers of connectors, we have developed an online resource, The World’s Connector Companies, that provides profiles of over 750 connector companies. You may generate lists of connector companies filtered by sales, products manufactured, markets served, and country of origin to create a report that meets your parameters.

Top 10 Connector Manufacturers in World Sales for 2022

Every year, Bishop & Associates takes a comprehensive look at the connector industry in all its complexity, evaluating the activities of more than 750 connector suppliers over both the past year and past decade to gain a broad perspective on the industry and determine the top companies. The world’s top 100 connector manufacturers recorded 2022 shipments of $70.049 billion. This represented 83.3% of the worldwide connector market, up from 83.1% in 2021. The balance of the connector industry had 2022 shipments of $14.042 billion and represented 14.3% of the total market.

Focusing more closely on the top, we find the world’s top 10 connector manufacturers recorded 2022 shipments of $45.142 billion. This was an increase of +8.4% from 2021 shipments of $41.654 billion. Four of the top 10 manufacturers were based in North America, three in Japan, one in China, one in Europe, and one was Asia Pacific-based.

The following table identifies the top 10 connector manufacturers as defined by global connector sales.

Top 10 Connector Suppliers by Geography: A Look at Regional Leaders


All source data referenced in the above article is derived from Bishop & Associates Top 100 Connector Manufacturer’s report. The image of the report cover should go to the right of this blurb.

No part of this article may be used without the permission of Bishop & Associates, Inc. If you would like to receive additional news about the connector industry, register here. You may also contact us at [email protected] or by calling 630.443.2702.


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Lynda Nolen
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