Bishop & Associates researched industry trends, connector technology, and business forecasts to compile connector technology roadmaps through 2025.


Roadmap 2015Bishop & Associates recently released a report on connector technology roadmaps through 2025 with forecasts generated from industry input that examine trend line projections of US manufacturing data from a wide range of industries plus other industry data and forecasts.

The electronics industry and its connector content have enjoyed a mostly prosperous, sometimes volatile history with the ups and downs of the world’s economies. Connectors are faced with multiple factors that affect economic performance, which must be factored into any forecasts and roadmaps:

  • The health and consolidation of customers (OEMs, EMS) and specific industries
  • The shift from OEM to EMS/contract manufacturing supplier/customers
  • Offshore manufacturing, dictated by where the customer is assembling systems
  • Socio-political dyn