Coaxicom Introduces RF Connector Commercial Series

By Connector Supplier | May 17, 2013

Coaxicom Introduces RF Connector Commercial Series

Coaxicom now makes its entire connector catalog available in commercial versions, all under the umbrella of the G Series. Over the past several years, many businesses have experienced financial constraints due to the stagnant global economy. As American companies tightened their belts, operational budget reductions became commonplace across many industries. While project specifications remained intact, tighter budgets often became a determining factor in acquiring critical RF components. All too often, the stringent quality standards and skilled labor of US manufacturing resulted in higher costs, requiring a compromising choice between quality and price.

Recognizing the change in priorities, Coaxicom saw an opportunity for a commercial series that delivers uncompromised performance, produced through a high-volume manufacturing solution.

“I’ve heard from many of our best customers that a commercial line of Coaxicom products would fill a void in the industry,” said Julian Andrews, operations manager for Coaxial Components Corp. “As a result, our team developed a G-series of microwave components that will be priced competitively with imported connectors. This product line will meet the superior design standards established in our current Coaxicom line.”

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