SCHURTER KFA Series Allows Custom-Fitted Wire Harness

By Cable Assembly Supplier | March 06, 2013

SCHURTER KFA Series Allows Custom-Fitted Wire Harness

SCHURTER’s KFA power entry module with IEC C14 inlet, EMC filter, fuseholder, and optional voltage selector can now be supplied with custom wiring for optimized cost, integration, and speed of assembly. The KFA is available with standard or medical filters in rated currents of 1, 2, 4, 6, and 10A at 125/250 VAC with UL/CSA, ENEC, and CCC approvals. The two-pole fusedrawer is available with or without voltage selector for 5x20mm fuses. It is offered in two styles: fingergrip or extra safe. The extra safe version prohibits users from removing the fusedrawer while the power cord is plugged into the equipment.

The KFA is used in a variety of applications, although its compact size and voltage selector options are especially popular in audio applications. The version with the extra-safe fusedrawer is particularly suited for medical devices, according to IEC 60601-1. The series is also suitable for use in datacom applications described in IEC 60950. The KFA is compatible with V-Lock cordsets, which provide a simple and effective cord retaining system to prevent unintentional disconnection of the power cord from the equipment.

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