Wire-to-Board Connectors Product Roundup

By AJ Born | June 22, 2021

This week’s Product Roundup highlights wire-to-board connectors from leading suppliers.

Wire-to-Board Connectors

Allied supplies Molex KK connectorsAllied Electronics & Automation supplies Molex KK connector systems. The KK connectors are customizable for a variety of power and signal applications. Available in industry-standard 2.54, 3.96, and 5.08 mm pitch sizes, this single-row, wire-to-board, and board-to-board product family is cost-effective and versatile. KK RPC (reflow process compatible) headers are available in both signal and power families and can handle solder temperatures up to 260˚C. Additionally, customizable KK headers allow for more polarization options and design configurations, which makes the KK connector system ideal for a variety of industries. The KK 396 Connector System delivers 7.0A and 600V per circuit in an industry-standard 3.96 mm pitch. KK 396 connectors are ideal for low- to mid-power wire-to-board and board-to-board applications in industries such as automotive, medical, and consumer. Dual-cantilever terminals offer a square-post contact area that interfaces with the male pin header through a spring-like contact. Available in 18 to 24 AWG wire, anti-fishing options are available to protect the wire during cable assembly.

I-PEX Connectors’ ISH Series wire-to-board connectorsI-PEX Connectors’ ISH Series wire-to-board connection systems offer excellent performance and high reliability in high heat (up to 125˚C) and strong vibration (up to 10 g-forces) environments. The unique one-piece embedded spring terminals provide a long-term, stable electrical connection. ISH (I-PEX surface-mount technology, heavy-duty connector) features connector position assurance (CPA), including a vertical cable cover option. The rear cover option protects cables from bending and is easier to mate. The I-PEX ISH series is ideal for automotive applications such as car infotainment, automatic sensors, and automotive camera modules, as well as factory automation, drones, and battery management. ISH is halogen free, REACH, and RoHS compliant.

preci-dip connectorsPRECI-DIP, a leader in designing and manufacturing screw-machined, high-precision, and high-quality contacts and connectors, offers a number of connectors that can be mated together to make efficient and highly reliable wire-to-board connections. PRECI-DIP’s proprietary, unique production system, from raw material to finished product, is entirely in-house built, including all tooling, high-speed screw machines, and automatic assembly machines. This gives PRECI-DIP’s team of engineers the ability to design and build custom products to fulfill the demanding needs of their customers. PRECI-DIP has wire-to-board connectors for consumer, medical, industrial, and military applications. The industrial connector (shown) features die-cast housing and an insulated single-post contact.

AirBorn’s R-Series interconnectsAirBorn’s R-Series interconnects (.075”, 1.905mm pitch) have stood the tests of time, performing consistently in mission-critical applications for over 30 years. The R-Series offers the largest array of termination, configuration, mounting, and hardware options available. R-Series connectors are MIL-DTL-55302 qualified and are a trusted component in countless military and defense applications. The R-Series offers two-, three-, four-, and six-row options (10-604 contacts) and is available in I/O, connector saver, SMT, straight, and right-angle board-mount models. The R-Series spring-member receptacle design creates four-points-of-contact with mating pins, assuring consistent contact no matter how demanding the prescribed application.

Amphenol ICC’s new WireLock 1.8mm wire-to-board system Amphenol ICC’s new WireLock 1.8mm wire-to-board system is ideal for battery management systems. WireLock features1.80mm pitch. The WTB connectors are USCAR-2 V2 compatible and QC-T1067.1-2017 qualified with right angle through-hole. They are offered in four different color codes, with a current rating of 3A per contact, and support cable wire gauge from 22AWG to 26AWG. TPA and CPA features ensure a secured connection, adding to the safety of the entire system.

Ex-El Group supplies IEH’s HBH Hybrid Power/Signal Hyperboloid ConnectorsEx-El Group supplies IEH’s HBH Hybrid Power/Signal Hyperboloid Connectors, designed to meet the most demanding applications. This new modular connector series provides the flexibility to mix signal and power contacts within a single housing while ensuring superior performance within high vibration and other mission-critical and harsh environments using hyperboloid technology. Contact sizes range from .016 in to .169 in, and the modular design allows for multiple connector configurations. Terminations include straight- and right-angle PCB mount, crimp, solder-cup, and compliant contacts. A blind-mate option is available for increased misalignment. For aerospace, defense, high-speed rail, or any demanding environment that calls for the superior performance of the hyperboloid socket, the HBH series offers the flexibility of power and signal contacts in a single housing, in thousands of permutations. More information is available in the HBH Catalog.

Smiths Interconnect’s C9394 seriesSmiths Interconnect’s C9394 series is a high-density, line-removable module (LRM) connector available in 132 through 594 positions, that can be configured to include signal, power, fiber optic, and coax options. The C9394 series is available with 0.6 mm contact positions from 100 to 450 (including custom solutions) with dip solder, wire wrap-post and surface-mount tail termination types. Its six-row chevron grid layout (1.905 mm pitch) is designed with cavities for ground, shielded, coaxial, databus, and fiber optic contacts. Its flexible and easily adaptable features aim to fit with the most various custom requests. Based on the Hypertac hyperboloid contact technology, this metal-shelled connector series offers the benefit of the high-density technology in a lightweight design guaranteeing high resistance to shock and vibration and the elimination of fretting, with consequent reduction of wear rates. The C9394 series is tested and delivered in accordance to MIL-DTL-55302 standards. Additional version is available assembled with flex-circuit conforming to MIL-P-50884 specifications.

wire-to-board connectors from Lumberg SmartSKEDD seriesLumberg introduces the SmartSKEDD direct connector, suitable for any position on the PCB without having to solder it or plug it onto a corresponding part. The individual contact comprises two symmetrical contact tongues which, when inserted into a plated-through hole in the PCB, retract. The contact pressure forces from the two tongues then create a steadfast mechanical-electrical connection inside the hole, no need for soldering. The connectors can mate and lock without having to use tools, for total convenience when mounting entire sub-assemblies. This empowers completely new designs since the connectors can mate right in the center of a printed circuit board or on the reverse side if the edge and surface of the printed circuit board are already exhausted. SKEDD enables the reduction of installation space and weight, an electrical interface, and a contact resistance. In this way, a potential source of error as well as an assembly process are omitted. The thermal load of a FR4 printed circuit board caused by a soldering process or the use of additional devices for a press-fit process is also eliminated.

JAE ES9 Series spring lock connectorJAE’s ES9 Series spring lock connector offers improved operability through upper-side mating. Confirmation that the connector is mated can easily be done visually. The original locking design structure (spring lock) achieves high retention strength (15N min.) in the cable lifting direction. A two-point contact structure gives JAE’s spring lock connector better contact reliability. It is 22 AWG (outer cable diameter: 2.1mm max.) compatible with a low-profile structure (product height: 3mm) and is a standard and cULus certified product.


APP high current PCB from PEI-GenesisPEI-Genesis supplies Anderson Power Products high-current printed circuit board (PCB) contact series, which provides a reliable wire-to-board PCB connection when utilized with the Powerpole 15/45 connector housings. These wire-to-board connectors are available in one- and two-row configurations. They provide an ideal solution for applications that require high current connections to a PCB. The Anderson PCB connector features vertical and right-angle terminations that allow for design flexibility. The tin-plated copper contacts create minimal contact resistance at high currents.

The Anderson connector fits standard housing and accessories, so configurations can be color-coded and polarized. Two right-angle stacking bends allow for two rows parallel stacking of connectors on the PCB. Quick disconnect avoids the need for unfastening ring-type terminals. The snap-on interface ensures foolproof assembly and proper connection. The vertical mini-powerclaw is UL-rated for current interruption (hot-plug) so that equipment can be hot swapped.

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