Updated: February 17th, 2014

Connector Industry Losing its ExpertsErosion in the Connector Industry Talent Base

The connector industry has experienced significant erosion of its talent base in recent decades. Because this has occurred bit by bit over a long period of time, it’s not immediately apparent how significantly the industry has been changed by the loss of knowledge and experience these people represent.

Talent Drain Causes

Among other factors, this insidious trend was precipitated in no small part by a response to the growth of Emerging World Economies (EWE). The general level of expertise in the US connector industry has declined because of many factors, and to date it may not have been offset by positive trends in other areas.

This talent drain of expertise and knowledgeable personnel is also due to:

  • Redundancies resulting from business mergers and acquisitions
  • General attrition from retirements, resignations, promotions, deaths
  • Avoidance of specialized, low-volume production by connector OEMs
  • Layoffs due to business slowdown, profit declines, EWE-driven cost pressures
  • Outsourcing/off-shoring components, tooling, production, and designs
  • Reorganizations due to shuffles, consolidati