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TE Connectivity (TE) has developed the CLOUDSPLITTER connector system, a single-cable solution for powered devices that delivers Cat5e performance and up to 250 watts of power over a single cable. The eight-position RJ45 jack is surface-mountable and includes integrated LED indicator lights. The jack accepts CLOUDSPLITTER or standard RJ45 shielded plugs and provides DC power at 5A up to 50VDC over two integrated power contacts.

The system is RoHS/REACH-compliant, designed to meet UL444, and utilizes CM-rated cable. It is ideal for use in video surveillance over IP networks, intelligent building management, factory automation, and wireless network transceivers. The CLOUDSPLITTER SMT cable plug combines eight 26AWG stranded signal conductors and two 18AWG stranded power conductors in shielded or unshielded configurations. The SMT jack is backward-compatible and accepts a CLOUDSPLITTER plug or a standard RJ45 shielded plug. Its integrated power contacts provide DC power at 5A and up to 50VDC. Two LED lights are included in the jack assembly for standard data transmit and receive indication. The CLOUDSPLITTER connector system’s unitized connection approach combines two connections into a single product to provide a power and data solution for devices.

Key features:

• Cat5e and DC power in one connection to help standardize inventory
• SMT-compatible packaged on tape-and-reel
• SMT jack accepts standard RJ45 shielded plug in addition to CLOUDSPLITTER plug assembly
• Shielded SMT jack and cable plug
• Cable combines signal and power available in shielded or unshielded configuration
• Pre-terminated cable assemblies in standard lengths
• RoHS/REACH-compliant
• Lead-free reflow solder-capable
• Cable is UL444- and CM-rated
• Certified to UL 1863

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