Sumitomo Lynx2 CustomFit MPOQ8 Splice-On Connector

By News Release | May 12, 2015

The Sumitomo Lynx2 CustomFit MPOQ8 Splice-On Connector is the industry’s first eight-fiber QSFP-40G-SR4 MPO splice-on connector for 40G/100G data center connectivity.

Sumitomo Electric LightwaveSumitomo Lynx2 CustomFit MPOQ8 Splice-On Connector introduced its Lynx2 CustomFit MPOQ8 Splice-On Connector, the industry’s first 8-fiber QSFP-40G-SR4 MPO splice-on connector that facilitates fast and easy 40 and 100GbE data center and enterprise network connectivity with maximum cost savings.

Coupled with laser-optimized 0M4 eight-count fiber ribbon cable, the eight-fiber MPO splice-on connector allows real-time and on-site cable builds and permanent terminations of jumpers, trunk cables, harnesses, and arrays to yield the optimum optical performance and cost savings for the data center.

This eight-fiber solution mitigates the considerable costs and compatibility issues while optimizing the optical performance of the traditional 12-fiber infrastructure by eliminating unused fibers, unnecessary connectivity points, and conversion module hardware for maximum cost savings. The elimination of conversion modules alone can save hundreds of dollars per port, potentially generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in cost savings in 40 and 100GbE infrastructure deployments.

The transition from a 12-fiber count to eight is already made within the ferrule of the eight-fiber MPO splice-on connector. The new connector is compatible with other QSFP-40G-SR4 connectors and 100GbE modules at 25G transmission. Insertion loss of the new connector is ≤0.35dB and it is compatible with Sumitomo Electric Lightwave’s Quantum Type-M12 mass fusion splicer and other leading brands.

Like all Lynx2 splice-on connectors from Sumitomo Electric Lightwave, the Lynx2 eight-fiber MPO allows customized, on-site, real-time field terminations and cable builds without the shorts, excess slack, and logistic delays of pre-terminated cables for fast and easy 40G/100G upgrades, faster restoration, and less or no network downtime.

“As the first company to have introduced the MPO splice-on connector, we are pleased to offer our customers further innovations in MPO and optical ribbon fiber technology,” said Joshua Seawell, director of Lightwave Network Products at Sumitomo Electric Lightwave. “Our continued leadership in providing continuous innovations for the data center ensures that our customers stay ahead of today’s rapid technology curve in order to deploy the most advanced and cost-efficient solutions possible.“

The eight-fiber solution optimizes not only 40/100GbE-and-beyond networks, but is also backward compatible with legacy networks (1G and 10G), creating a real-time, scalable, and already future-proofed network.

News Release
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