Sensor-Input Connectors Product Roundup

By Christine Stieglitz | November 17, 2020

This week’s Product Roundup highlights sensor-input connectors from leading suppliers.

Sensor-Input Connectors

sensor input connectors from ERNIERNI’s M12 Right-Angle connectors were especially developed for use in industrial sensor applications and have a compact form factor that measures just 14mm in length to provide ideal solutions for sensor applications with small spaces and odd angles. These angled M12 sensor-input connectors are compatible with SMT assembly, which can offer considerable cost savings and quality improvements, and are equipped with a stop, formed by a collar, that allows the fully assembled PCBs to be pushed into the sensor tube up to the stopping point. They also offer snap-in functionality and anti-twist protection to ensure secure positioning within the M12 sensor tube and also employ an O-ring that shields against moisture and dust in harsh environments. ERNI’s angled M12 connectors support a variety of industrial sensors including level, distance, and pressure sensors.

sensor-input connectors from HARTINGHARTING’s range of circular sensor-input connectors includes a variety of threaded and push-pull M12 connectors, as well as the world’s first M8 D-code connectors for 100Mb/s Ethernet from the cloud to any sensor. These innovative M8 D-code connectors have a compact, robust, fully shielded, and environmentally sealed metal housing designed to support industrial miniaturization trends and reliably transmit both Cat 5 fast Ethernet and Power-over-Ethernet, which enables additional space savings by eliminating the need for a separate power connector. The series is standardized to PAS IEC 61076-2-114, which makes it intermateable with M8 connectors and sockets from other suppliers and compatible with existing passive and active equipment, and are equipped with IP67 sealing and continuous shielding for use in harsh industrial environments. HARTING’s M8 D-code sensor-input connectors are also 30% smaller than conventional M12 connectors and compatible with the PROFINET protocol as well as IEEE802.3.

sensor-input connectors from Smiths W Series M12Smiths Interconnect’s M12 Series Connectors are safe, robust, and proven-reliable and are designed to enable timesaving and tool-free installation, support efficient communication, and deliver high-uptime performance in a wide range of harsh industrial and transportation applications with challenging space and weight limitations. The series features Smiths’ proprietary Hypertac hyperboloid contacts, which deliver unrivalled performance, ease of use, and unparalleled reliability; comprehensive sealing properties that deliver a competitive edge by preventing the ingress of dust, moisture, dirt, and oil to ensure uninterrupted signal integrity; and a unique side-loading contact retention system that provides positive contact retention and simplifies the assembly process to further enhance user friendliness and reduce installation time. Smiths’ M12 Series sensor-input connectors also have a common IP67 metal housing design with 360° EMI shielding, A or D coding, three- to eight-way insert options, and crimp or solder terminations and are qualified to both French and European rail fire and smoke standards. Ideal applications for the series include robots, factory automation equipment, sensors, mobile equipment, machine tools, Gigabit communication networks, motor drives, conveyor systems, material handling equipment, elevators, and railcars.

sensor-input connectors from Amphenol PCDAmphenol Pcd’s Pegasus Series connectors provide small, lightweight, and low-cost solutions for space- and weight-constrained harsh-environment applications that require protection from ambient or emitted noise, including intelligent peripheral devices employed in modern aircraft, aviation and vehicle actuators, avionics sensors, UAV control systems, missile guidance and control systems, and USB, CAT 5a, Cat 6e, VGA, and video links for both cabin and in-seat communications systems. Variants with mil-spec 22AWG contacts also provide ideal solutions for airborne PoE and USB 2.0 IoT applications. The series offers excellent EMI shielding via electroless copper and nickel plating combined with a copper alloy spring finger gasket for shell-to-shell conductivity, quarter-turn bayonet-style connections for easy and efficient wire installation and maintenance, interfacial and triple-barrier seals for IP67 protection, blind-mate keying, and scoop-proof contacts. Available in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and configurations, Pegasus Series connectors exhibit high contact retention force throughout the product lifecycle, between 40dB and 60dB attenuation depending on frequency, and 100Ω differential impedance, enabling wide eye diagram openings with low jitter content and insertion and return loss performance suitable for I00Base-TX (IEEE 802.3bw), 1000Base-T (IEEE 802.3ab), and USB2.0, as well as the emerging standards for 2.5GBaseT, 5GBaseT, and 100Mb/s BROADR-Reach.

sensor-input connectors from NorCompNorComp’s M8 Series connectors are part of its VULCON range of compact circular connectors and are engineered to provide robust, space-saving, and waterproof cable-to-panel and cable-to-board interface solutions for demanding end-use applications including electronics manufacturing, industrial automation, robotics, process control systems, industrial machinery, rugged sensors and data loggers, electronic gauges and meters, avionics, marine electronics, and medical devices. The M8 Series features fully shielded, nickel-plated brass metal shells, IP67 sealing, UL 94 V-0 black PBT insulators, and 3–6 non-removable, gold-plated copper alloy/brass male contacts, and gold-plated phosphor bronze/brass female contacts, and exhibits rugged resistance to shock and vibration. Options include cable-mount and panel-mount configurations rated for 3–5A, 60–125V, 28–24AWG, and operating temperatures extending from -40°C to +85°C. The series is also compliant with RoHS-2 requirements and available as loose pieces or pre-made M8 cables with optional dust caps.

sensor-input connectors from MaterionMaterion’s Alloy M25 is a high-strength, high-conductivity copper beryllium alloy that’s ideal for circular and coaxial connector contacts employed in heavy-duty, harsh-environment military, telecom, aircraft, and automotive applications, including 5G infrastructure and sensor-input connectors. Alloy M25 is based on Alloy 25, which provides both the highest strength of any copper beryllium alloy and considerably greater electrical and thermal conductivity than other high-strength copper alloys but has a slightly lower beryllium content and features the addition of lead, which enables excellent machinability. Available in rod and wire forms, Alloy M25 provides high tensile strength and high fatigue strength, which enables high-mating-cycle socket contacts, and also exhibits high resistance to wear, corrosion, galling, and stress relaxation. The material meets specifications and standards including MIL-C-2165 (rod), ASTM B196 (rod), ASTM B197 (wire), EN 12164 (rod and wire), and EN 1216 (wire).

Molex sensor-input connectors from AlliedAllied Electronics & Automation supplies Molex’s Brad Micro-Change M12 Connectors, which are compact, ruggedized, shielded, sealed, and standardized to IEC 61076-2-101, and are designed to establish reliable sensor and actuator connections in industrial automation and control applications. The series features die-cast Harsh-Duty receptacles with a watertight panel-mount design that provides IP67 protection, as well as EMI/RFI protection, and enables NEMA 6P enclosures. It also features an anti-vibration mechanism that prevents the coupler from coming loose even under extreme vibration and a gold over palladium/nickel plating design that ensures long-lasting, high-performance electrical contact. The series is available in straight and 90° configurations with single- and dual-keyway designs and 2-, 5-, 8-, and 12-pole layouts and is rated for up to 250VAC and 4.0A. It enables the quick and easy replacement of sensors, encoders, switches, and other I/O devices in industrial machinery, petrochemical plants, and Class 2 commercial vehicles and is also available as complete LED machine lighting solutions that include an LED light, mounting brackets, and M12 sensor-input connectors and cordsets to simplify ordering by condensing an entire lighting system down to a single order number.

sensor-input connectors from BinderBinder USA’s 707 Series M5 Shielded and Overmolded Cable Connectors are especially designed for the growing miniature sensor market. These compact sensor-input connectors and cable assemblies feature fully shielded PUR housings with screening attenuation values from 60dB in the 1GHz range to ensure high-signal-integrity data transfer, a threaded nut that’s immune to vibration, and IP67 environmental sealing for harsh environments. They also offer three or four intermateable, gold-plated contacts and PUR cable lengths of 2m and 5m, are rated for 60V, 1A, and operating temperatures extending from -25°C to +80°C, and are ideal for use in sensor, material handling, data storage, and industrial automation applications.

Conec sensor-input connectors at KensingtonKensington Electronics Inc. supplies CONEC’s portfolio of M12 circular connectors, which enable easy in-field assembly and provide secure data transmission and high-current power transmission in space-constrained, harsh-environment industrial applications including sensors, actuators, automation and drive technology, industrial interfaces, assembly and production equipment, process control and automation equipment, manufacturing equipment, and servo motors. These compact, two-part sensor-input connectors are comprised of an insulating body and shielded socket housing with integrated O-rings that protect against dust and moisture ingress, even when unmated, and provide robust IP67 protection when mated. They also feature screw connections that reliably maintain connectivity in even high-vibration applications and are available with A-, D-, and L-coding and 4–12 contacts. Additional options include front and back panel-mount configurations suitable for housing wall thicknesses of 2–3mm and PCB thicknesses of 1.6mm, cable-mount configurations, and overmolded cable assemblies. D-coded variants are especially ideal for high-data-rate transmissions and L-coded variants can handle high current loads up to 16A while requiring 30% less installation space than 7/8 overmolded connectors. The series also supports combined mounting, offers maximum design flexibility in devices where the M12x1 socket thread is directly formed, and have contacts designed to be snapped into circuit boards and then selectively or wave soldered. Additional benefits include large tolerance compensation between board and socket, various socket geometries, low PCB load forces, low contact resistance, and RoHS compliance.

Sure Seal sensor-input connectors from PEI GenesisPEI-Genesis stocks Sure-Seal IP67 M12 Connectors, which provide rugged and reliable interconnect solutions ideal for use in demanding industrial control networks that employ small sensors and are subject to harsh environmental conditions including contamination, moisture, and vibration. Designed in accordance with the IEC 61076-2-101 standard, Sure-Seal IP67 M12 connectors help prevent system downtime and costly repairs associated with damage resulting from contaminants like water and dust. The IP67 M12 connector series is available in 3- to 17-pole configurations that feature robust TPU materials, gold-plated brass contacts, and screw-lock coupling mechanisms. Additional options include shielded cable, snap-in connections, and field-wireable PUR or PVC cable assemblies in customizable lengths.

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