April 2024 New Connectivity Products 

By AJ Born | April 02, 2024

New-to-market connectivity products, including interconnects, wire, cable, and cable assemblies, sensors, antennas, materials, accessories, tools, and development kits.

April 2024 New Connectivity Products

April 2024 New Connectivity Products > Interconnects, etc.

Amphenol IndustrialAmphenol Industrial Sustainable Technologies partnered with Melni Technologies to expand its RadCrimp series of solar splice connectors. The expanded series now includes connectors with current ratings of 50A for 8AWG and 65A for 6AWG cable. The innovative RadCrimp was developed to significantly improve crimp reliability in the field, while helping to reduce the number of crimp-related failures that are directly related to improper crimping, including eliminating the risk of cross mating connectors produced by different manufacturers. Ideal for use in new solar PV installations, field retrofits and repairs in solar installations, and any other field terminations requiring a robust sealed power connection. These connectors feature a simple and fast termination, eliminating the need for crimping and the use of specialized crimp tools, making them safe to install by field technicians. Melni’s dual spiral termination technology allows for a very quick, easy, and long-lasting connection with a pull strength unparalleled by its competitors. These crimpless butt splice solar connectors are assembled by stripping the PV wire/cable, inserting them into the connector and tightening the connector end caps to the specified torque. Since the RadCrimp is a single connector, there is no risk of mating incompatible connectors from different manufacturers and violating UL 6703 requirements. The secure crimpless termination eliminates the risk of crimp related assembly failure in the field.

Wearin', the startup from Swiss technology group ConextivityThe partnership between France’s General Directorate of the National Gendarmerie (DGGN) and Wearin’, the startup from Swiss technology group Conextivity, has developed the innovative connected tactical vest project. Using artificial intelligence (AI) for its abnormal-situation detection system, a warning is transmitted to a command center via the Internet of Things (IoT). This innovation, applied to the operational needs of various law-enforcement professions, is the first result of this partnership. The new tactical IoT solution, which attaches to pre-installed body armor, ensures redundant safety and connectivity through a state-of-the-art AI-enhanced warning device that is independent of current radio systems. Called the Wearin’ Brain, this ruggedized device is triggered either manually by an SOS button, or automatically when it detects an abnormal situation such as loss of verticality, piercing of the body armor cover after a stab wound, or a bullet impact. In the event of a warning, the device also transmits the geolocation of personnel. The connectivity kit features smart power management via a central high-performance battery guaranteeing 8 hours of autonomy, which considerably increases the running time of gendarmes’ electronic equipment. The kit’s optimized cabling allows equipment to be recharged via a single cable, which the agent can easily connect at the end of a mission, or to his/her vehicle if required during an extended mission. The IoT platform developed by Wearin’ can be delivered with a dashboard integrated into the command-center system to provide real-time information about the situation on the ground, via data from sensors, warning devices, and communication systems worn by personnel on operations. Based on this precise intelligence of operations underway, transmitted in bidirectional streams, commanders can speed up tactical decision-making and improve the coordination of intervention units, as well as their response times.

Amphenol's SurLok Plus Series available from PEI-GenesisAmphenol’s SurLok Plus Series available from PEI-Genesis are IP67-rated, touch-proof, and RoHS-compliant compression lugs that feature the latest in R4 RADSOK contact technology with a quick lock and press-to-release design to ensure a definitive electrical and mechanical connection. RADSOK socket and contact construction creates ideal pressure over a larger portion of the mating surface. This force creates low contact resistance, resulting in high current rating and ampacity in a smaller package than standard bolt-on compression lugs (50% ampacity boost over mil-spec contacts). Amphenol SurLok Plus compression lugs also eliminate the need for specialized torque wrenches for termination, instead allowing for use of standard crimp, screw, and busbar options. Amphenol SurLok Plus compression lugs are a great option for any application that requires the use of high current cables where plug-and-play flexibility is a must. They are an ideal choice for the medical, mass transit/rail, process control/automation, electrification/EV, and heavy equipment fields.

advanced battery connectors, Weidmuller USAWith the addition of advanced battery connectors, Weidmuller USA now offers a full suite of energy storage products to cover the power, data, and signaling needs required in a wide array of Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) applications including battery storage, connectors and power conversion, HVAC/fire control, surge protection, combiner boxes, and marshalling boxes. Battery connectors are critical components that facilitate the transfer of electrical energy between the battery cells and the application, allowing the connection of the battery modules in just a few simple steps. They come in a variety of sizes to cater to different types of usages in many industry sectors. Weidmuller USA’s battery connectors for BESS applications are engineered to handle high currents, allowing for efficient energy transfer and reduced power losses. They are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions and are user-friendly with mechanisms that prevent accidental disconnections. The contact is made of copper alloy finished with silver and approved according to UL 4128 to warrant the best electrical contact with more than 100 operations of mechanical connection and disconnection (without load). On the wiring side, options for conductor cross-sections from 10mm² to 95mm² are available. Color coded connectors (orange = positive; black = negative) are on both the connector and the mated busbar connection. Connectors are key coded on both sides to alleviate the possibility of user error. A locking mechanism fastens the plug and the socket.

Amphenol Communications SolutionsAmphenol Communications Solutions released its high-speed cable solutions with options to meet PCIe, EDSFF, OCP specifications, and power shelf requirements. In close collaboration with the PCI-SIG association, the PCIe DirectAttached cable riser solution eliminates PCB trace and vias and supports up to PCIe 5.0 32Gb/s. The EDSFF cable assemblies meet E1 and E3 specifications. OCP cable assemblies meet OCP NIC 3.0 specifications. The power shelf cable assemblies are designed to support OCP Orv3 requirements.

EnnoviENNOVI introduced ENNOVI-Net, a new customizable automotive Ethernet connector solution, supporting 10 Gb/s operation. The ENNOVI-Net connector designs have a standardized USCAR interface. However, what makes them different is that ENNOVI-Net has press-fit pins rather than through-board solder pins. This patent-pending innovation eliminates the need for soldering. Access to press-fit interconnects gives automotive customers a far simpler and faster assembly process, with a much lower risk of errors occurring and no problems caused by variations in the amount of solder paste applied (and the capacitance associated with this). In addition, the shortness and lower capacitance of press-fit pins, compared to through-board solder pins, means resonance is reduced, which contributes to greater signal integrity. Additionally, a press-fit strategy supports manufacturing operations conducted in a socially responsible way, with minimal impact on the environment in comparison to soldering processes creating solder fumes during assembly. The ENNOVI-Net automotive Ethernet connector design solution allows for customization to accommodate specific board- and connector-interface positioning enabling integration into final applications. The automotive-grade ENNOVI interconnect is designed to be employed in numerous applications such as ADAS ECUs, zone controllers, radar housings, sensor housings, and HV powertrain controllers.

BIRNS launched a new high amperage subsea connector series, the 225 Amp BIRNS Meridian lineBIRNS launched a new high amperage subsea connector series, the 225 Amp BIRNS Meridian line. With great power comes great responsibility, and this robust, custom engineered dry-mate connector series is open face rated to 6km and is perfect for battery packs and thrusters for crewed and uncrewed subsea vehicles that require high amperage power transfer. Select sizes are already being DNV type-approved for 6km-rated crewed submersibles. BIRNS Meridians are compact, and feature several pin configurations, with more in design for release later this year. The M40 pin configuration has a single 85 square millimeter/3-000 contact. Both standard and reverse gender versions are featured in the series, and all withstand reverse pressure. They can be installed into both dry and oil-filled canisters. The new connector line’s exclusive design features for ease of use and mating include a tactile alignment index ridge and arrows indicating the primary key position. The receptacles also feature a blue color band on the shell, which allows users to have a strong visual indicator that a connector pair has been fully mated.

April 2024 New Connectivity Products > Wire, Cable, and Cable Assemblies

Lutronic is significantly expanding its product range of cordsetsLutronic is significantly expanding its product range of cordsets. The M8 series has added 6-pole and 8-pole types to the 3-pole and 4-pole variants previously available. Cable extensions have also been added. Connected with PUR spiral cables, both straight and angled A-coded connectors lead to a socket. The M12 series has new types with shielding – straight or angled versions. The shielding is routed via the knurled nut, the shielded cables can be selected in PUR and PVC. These variants are identified by the reference S9 in the article number. The reference L in the article number indicates the new L-coded variants. The overmolded straight M12 power connector and the corresponding power socket include a power cable with an open end or connected via a suitable power cable in PUR. New L-coded connectors and sockets can also be found in the field of M12 panel mount connectors for front side mounting. Lutronic is also rounding off its profile in the field of passive distribution boxes. Y-distributors with two M8 sockets and Y-distributors with two M12 sockets as well as with M12 plug and socket have been added with a central M12 connection and in IP67.

Times Microwave Systems' MaxGain Space Assemblies, offered by PEI-Genesis,Times Microwave Systems’ MaxGain Space Assemblies, offered by PEI-Genesis, epitomize cutting-edge satellite communication technology. Engineered for space exploration, these high-performance, ultra-low loss microwave coaxial cables combine precision with advanced materials, ensuring optimal performance in extreme conditions. With a robust design, high-performance dielectrics, and low-loss connectors, they minimize signal attenuation in harsh environments. Tailored for aerospace applications, these assemblies offer customizable options, seamless integration, and adherence to rigorous testing standards. Trusted for their reliability, MaxGain Space Assemblies are a vital choice for satellite systems navigating the challenges of outer space, embodying innovation and excellence in the pursuit of cosmic exploration.

April 2024 New Connectivity Products > Sensors and Antennas

Amphenol RF’s Wi-Fi 6E antennasAmphenol RF’s Wi-Fi 6E antennas address the growing demand for faster, more reliable internet connections. Wi-Fi 6E is the latest evolution in wireless networking, offering increased bandwidth and reduced interference for enhanced performance. Amphenol RF’s new antennas are engineered to harness the full potential of Wi-Fi 6E. These internal, external, and embedded antennas boast several key features, including optimized performance, high gain, multi-band support and a compact design. They are suitable for a wide range of applications, including smart homes, industrial automation, and healthcare. These antennas ensure a seamless and reliable wireless experience for streaming high-definition content, online gaming, or mission-critical business operations. Amphenol RF offers a variety of multi-band 50 ohm IoT antennas that operate up to 7.125 GHz and support triple bands. Antennas are available in both monopole and dipole configurations to meet specific design requirements and allow for faster speeds with reduced latency.

April 2024 New Connectivity Products > Connector Materials, Accessories, Tools, and Development Kits

Greene Tweed introduced Fusion F07Greene Tweed introduced Fusion F07, a performance-enhanced fluoroelastomer. Developed by Greene Tweed material scientists and application engineers, Fusion F07 is specifically crafted to withstand common Etch and CVD oxygen/fluorine based gases in semiconductor processing subfab lines, at temperatures up to 355°F (180°C). With an expected lifetime of at least six months, Fusion F07 lasts longer than standard FKM in subfab vacuum system lines. As a result, the new performance enhanced FKM extends the time between planned maintenance activities. Notably, it provides a better total cost of ownership where applications do not require an FFKM compound. Fusion F07 can be purchased as a seal assembly or as an individual O-Ring. Customers can effortlessly upgrade and experience the benefits of extended lifetime and the resultant reduced operating costs as the seals are form-fit replaceable with other industry standard (KF/ISO flange fittings) seals. A blue outer ring allows for easier identification upon installation and replacement. Fusion F07 seals are available in most typical sizes, including KF16, KF25, KF40, KF50, ISO63, ISO80, ISO100, ISO160, and ISO200.

AirBorn released its new Power Blade VPX power supplyAirBorn released its new Power Blade VPX power supply. With a maximum output power greater than 2000 watts, the Power Blade sets a new standard for VPX power density and efficiency. This 6U power supply offers the highest overall VPX power density and power efficiency. As a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) product, it meets the VPX and VITA 62 open architecture and performance requirements. Notably, it delivers nearly twice the output of traditional 6U power supplies with 95% efficiency. This allows customers to support the higher power levels required in modern defense applications without increasing the size of their power supply units. In addition, the Power Blade meets MIL-STD-461 conducted EMI emission requirements without external filtering. The embedded intelligence allows flexible sharing through dispatchable power which can be configured to control voltage, and balance current or temperature across multiple power supplies. Additionally, Power Blade’s intelligence allows system designers to utilize a dual data bus communication where a system controller or chassis manager can talk to the power supply and inquire about input voltages, output cards, power temperatures, and other information from the power supply, possibly predicting failures.

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