RF & Coax Connectors Product Roundup

By AJ Born | March 29, 2022

This week’s Product Roundup highlights RF & coax connectors from leading suppliers.

RF & Coax Connectors

EZ Form Cable, a Trexon company RF and Coax connectors and cableEZ Form Cable, a Trexon company, is an AS9100D certified manufacturer of coaxial cable, coaxial cable assemblies, RF connectors, and coaxial delay lines. EZ Form RF, microwave, and millimeter wave (mmWave) transmission line solutions offer proven performance for critical applications in Mil/Aero, telecommunications, medical, instrumentation, and Test & Measurement.


Allied Electronics & Automation supplies Amphenol RF’s BNC connectorsAllied Electronics & Automation supplies Amphenol RF’s BNC connectors in a multitude of female and male options. BNC connectors are miniature, lightweight, and reliable. 50 ohm BNC and 75 ohm BNC connectors are available in configurations ideal for commercial and military-grade applications. A full line of PBC receptacles, bulkhead receptacles, reverse-polarity connectors, resistor terminations, and other accessories complement the product offering.


CDM supplies the Times Microwave EZ-400-RA-X UHF-Male (Plug) Right Angle RF connectorCDM supplies the Times Microwave EZ-400-RA-X UHF-Male (Plug) Right Angle RF connector for use with LMR-400 low-loss coaxial cable. This connector is RoHS compliant with a durable bi-metal finish and gold non-solder termination contact. LMR connectors are designed to work perfectly with Times Microwave’s LMR low-loss coaxial cables, assuring reliable connections and quality.


COAX Connectors’ TNC 50 ohm straight bulkhead jack color-coded in redCOAX Connectors’ TNC 50 ohm straight bulkhead jack color-coded in red has a 3/8 x 32 UNF thread to screw into a bulkhead. The solder post center contact is gold plated. TNC connectors are a screw-lock coupling version of the BNC connectors. The screw coupling enables TNC to be used at frequencies up to 11 GHz in harsh environment situations. Widely used for antenna connections, TNCs serve many applications in avionics, defense, communications, and general industrial markets. Reverse polarity, 75 ohm TNC, and other colors are available.


MHF 7S from I-PEXThe MHF 7S from I-PEX offers excellent EMC performance with a fully-shielded design that is ideal for 5G mmWave applications. VSWR 1.5 max at 15 GHz in a small 2.0 x 2.0 mm footprint. The unique shielded design (ZenShield) reduces unwanted EMI often found in 5G mmWave applications. The MHF 7S has an industry-first stripline-terminated signal pin inside the receptacle ground contact. Watch the video to learn more.


The rearTWIST UHD BNC connectors from NeutrikThe rearTWIST UHD BNC connectors from Neutrik are specifically designed for high-resolution video signal transmissions. Due to the unique insulator and contact pin design, the connectors feature low return loss values for 4K and 8K signals. These connectors have an optimized contact pin and insulator design for UHD-data transmission and Swiss antraloy plating. They are fully compatible with conventional BNC chassis connectors and offer improved return loss values at high frequencies.


Smiths Interconnect’s MDCX, multipin coax connectorsSmiths Interconnect’s MDCX, multipin coax connectors offer low VSWR of 1.25:1 (typ) up to 10 GHz (max mated pair), maximum overall diameter of 0.125″ fitted into low-profile micro-D housing, with constant 50 Ohm airline impedance. MDCX coaxial contacts are compact in size allowing multiple high-density connections in a micro-D style shell for applications where space and weight savings are important. No cumbersome spring mounts are required. These connectors are also available with locking post mechanisms or blindmate hardware attachment.


Amphenol RF SMP connectors supplied by ICC (Interstate Connecting Components)With a subminiature interface and a frequency range of DC to 40 GHz, Amphenol RF SMP connectors supplied by ICC (Interstate Connecting Components) are ideal for miniaturized high frequency coaxial modules. The full and limited detent systems provide respective levels of engagement and disengagement forces. This family of interconnects addresses all package design needs. In addition to microwave applications, the Amphenol RF SMP connector can be utilized as a highly shielded interconnect for high data rate applications. It can also be used in a board-to-board system using a floating bullet, which provides a link between mated pairs compensating for both radial and axial misalignment.


TR Multicoax series from Ardent Concepts, an Amphenol companyTR Multicoax series from Ardent Concepts, an Amphenol company, delivers superior signal integrity from multiple GHz+ channels. With a choice of 20 GHz, 40 GHz, or 70 GHz configurations, users can upgrade the connectors on their applications as bandwidth requirements increase. TR is the highest-density high-speed multicoax connector on the market. The interface is compression-mount, which drives lower total cost of testing by avoiding costly solder-down components that can’t be recovered, and encouraging reuse across programs.


WP16RS Series (0.35mm Pitch Full Shield Board-to-board [FPC] Connector) from JAEThe WP16RS Series (0.35mm Pitch Full Shield Board-to-board [FPC] Connector) from JAE is a full shield type that covers the entire circumference with a shell as an EMI countermeasure. It realizes good characteristics in the mmWave band by possessing a high frequency dedicated terminal (RF terminal) with a new structure. The signal terminal has a structure that supports a large current (1A per contact), and, by adopting a unique trumpet- type deep drawing shell and installing a metal guide inside the connector, makes the low profile board-to-board (FPC) connector robust and easy to align.


SMA Vertical Launch Coax Connectors from Cinch ConnectivitySMA Vertical Launch Coax Connectors from Cinch Connectivity are available for mid-board application in both microstrip and stripline versions, operating with high performance to 26.5 GHz. These connectors are screw-mount and solderless, allowing for quick and easy mounting and removal on PC boards. The side groove part enables microstrip or grounded coplanar waveguide (GCPW) designs. Applications include LAN routers, base stations, satellite communication equipment, phased array radar systems, airborne ground radar, MIMO, and active antennas.


Samtec Precision RF productsSamtec continues to expand its coaxial cable assembly line by now offering .178″, 16 AWG cable assemblies (RF180 Series) featuring extremely low insertion loss and VSWR, with operating frequency to 18 GHz. This larger diameter, flexible cable is ideal for applications requiring lower loss over longer distances commonly found in the Mil/Aero market. RF180 Series is also well suited for Test & Measurement applications. Assemblies are available with a variety of SMA and TNCA solder clamp connector options. N Type connector options are coming soon. Additional performance highlights include velocity of propagation to 80%, capacitance to 82 pF/meter, and operating temperatures from -65 ˚C to +125 ˚C. Samtec offers a full line of off-the-shelf products for microwave and mmWave applications to 110 GHz. Samtec Precision RF products support next-generation technology advancements in wireless communication, automotive, radar, SATCOM, aerospace, defense, and Test & Measurement.  Contact Samtec at [email protected] for launch optimization and simulation assistance.


00-6791 Series RF Coaxial IDC connectors from KYOCERA AVXThe 00-6791 Series RF Coaxial IDC connectors from KYOCERA AVX are the first wire-to-board RF coaxial IDC connectors for industrial and automotive applications. They are comprised of two small, single-piece solutions suited to different types of coaxial cable and feature a patented one-touch coaxial cable termination mechanism that simplifies the connection process. The RF IDC connectors’ RF performance surpasses that of cables soldered directly to a PCB. They have a lower component cost and smaller physical size than traditional two-piece RF connectors with comparable performance — measuring down to 10 mm x 6.6 mm x 3.9 mm when seated, and enable easier, less time-consuming, and less costly assemblies than soldered and traditional RF connectors. The series is compatible with Bluetooth, GPS, GSM, and WLAN protocols. It satisfies demanding automotive and industrial requirements such as rugged construction, space constraints, time savings, and cost efficiencies.


JPC Connectivity provides both FAKRA and Mini FAKRA Interconnect SystemsJPC Connectivity provides both FAKRA and Mini FAKRA Interconnect Systems which meet the needs of autonomous and driver assist applications. Supporting frequencies up to 9 GHz and speeds up to 18 Gb/s, these RoHS-compliant systems are manufactured in IATF 16949-certified facilities to ensure that they will always meet the customer’s specification.


PEI-Genesis supplies TE Connectivity’s MIL-Spec RF connectorsPEI-Genesis supplies TE Connectivity’s MIL-Spec RF connectors in MIL-PRF-39012, MIL-C-83517 and MIL-C-55339 qualified configurations. Their rugged, compact designs are engineered for high-performance systems. They are built to accept multiple-ohm mini-coax cables and are ideally suited for applications requiring high density, reliability, durability, and reduced weight. The selection includes some of the aerospace, defense, and military industry’s smallest but most dependable designs. These MIL-Spec RF connectors are built to provide rugged performance in harsh environments while maintaining low insertion losses. They deliver excellent VSWR while meeting specific mechanical performance requirements.


Hirose Electric has enhanced its compact coaxial connector offeringHirose Electric has enhanced its compact coaxial connector offering to serve the emerging 5G device market. 5G applications require connectors that can handle higher frequencies, and the C.FL Series coaxial connector supports up to 30 GHz in an ultra-small footprint. Measuring only 2 mm x 2 mm with a 0.92 mm mated height, the C.FL Series connector meets demanding requirements for miniaturization and high-performance. Delivering high signal integrity and low insertion loss, the C.FL Series features low reflection characteristics up to 30 GHz and has low voltage standing wave ratios (VSWR). Reduced phase difference between signals is improved by controlling the cable length accuracy. To simplify installation, the C.FL Series offers a wide self-alignment range of ±0.15 mm in the X and Y directions. A clear tactile click communicates proper mating.


NEX10 from IMS Connector SystemsThe NEX10 from IMS Connector Systems is a new small coaxial connector system, offering low PIM and ruggedized design in a compact size to meet the upcoming space reduction requirements of small cells. As the telecommunications industry moves towards the small cell approach, the radio and antenna become smaller and require a small, high performing coaxial RF connector. The highlights of the new connector system are its excellent PIM stability of -166 dBc, flexibility of coupling mechanism (quick lock and screw), and ruggedized design in a compact size with flange height of 12.7 mm to suit the small cell radio and antenna size requirements.


Axon’ Cable designs and manufactures RF coaxial assemblies and microwave coaxial assemblies with very low lossesAxon’ Cable designs and manufactures RF coaxial assemblies and microwave coaxial assemblies with very low losses. For example, microwave coaxial assemblies working at a frequency of 50 GHz are characterized by optimized insertion losses at 2.45 dB/m and by shielding efficiency greater than 100 dB. Insulated with a FEP or PU jacket and terminated with coaxial connectors, the RF coaxial and microwave assemblies are easy to install. They are mainly used for measurement, radar, antennas, and surveillance systems. Lightweight, semi-rigid and extra flexible versions for dynamic applications are also offered.

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