Mil-Spec RF Connectors, Cables, & Cable Assemblies Product Roundup

By AJ Born | November 16, 2021

This week’s Product Roundup highlights mil-spec RF connectors, cables, and cable assemblies from leading suppliers.

Mil-Spec RF Connectors, Cables, & Cable Assemblies

Kings-Win RF and microwave product line from CDM ElectronicsThe Kings-Win RF and microwave product line from CDM Electronics specializes in interconnect solutions for a wide range of applications within the broadcast, military (including QPL products), aerospace, commercial air, and telecommunications markets. Qualified to more individual MIL-PRF-39012 coaxial connector part numbers than any other supplier, the Kings-Win offering includes C, N, TNC, BNC, and SMA interfaces.

SV Microwave has the most extensive offering of DLA approved RF Mil-Spec connectorsSV Microwave has the most extensive offering of DLA approved RF Mil-Spec connectors, adapters and components. These interconnects are high-reliability and are perfect for military and aerospace, naval and marine applications. SV has a long history of supporting DLA and promoting the standardization of RF connectors, adapters, and components.

ICC supplies Delta Electronics MIL-PRF-39102 (M39012) coaxial cable connectorsICC supplies Delta Electronics MIL-PRF-39102 (M39012) coaxial cable connectors. These connectors are QPL’d and designed with bayonet threading and gold plating on captivated contacts, ensuring minimal insertion loss and consistent electrical contact over time and with environmental exposure. BNC, N, and TNC series connectors feature silver-plated brass bodies and gold-plated, captivated contacts. SMA series connectors feature passivated stainless-steel bodies and gold-plated captive contacts. (The body tail and sleeve of select cable connectors are gold-plated to allow soldering of the cable braid.) Military-clamp, solder and crimp options are available.

NanoRF Edge Launch connector from TE ConnectivityThe NanoRF Edge Launch connector from TE Connectivity is the only solution that can integrate the RF above an optical interconnect for military and radar RF-embedded computing applications. The NanoRF connector meets the rigorous requirements of VITA 67.3 to provide a simple and standardized interface with VPX plug-in computing modules including RF switches, tuners, software-defined radios, and other embedded computing systems. The NanoRF Edge Launch connector reduces space requirements, which eliminates the need for cables and results in a more rugged product. This smaller size provides high density and high frequency up to 70 GHz. The NanoRF’s bullet adapter reduces tolerances and contributes to the decreased mating force required for stacked boards.

Smiths Interconnect’s semi-rigid space qualified cablesSmiths Interconnect’s semi-rigid space qualified cables are available with a copper or aluminum jacket, a selection of platings, and four different diameters: .047”, .085”, .141” & .250”. High frequency RF cable assemblies are available with a wide variety of flexible and semi-rigid cable types with space orbit qualifications and are well-suited for satellite payloads (GEO/MEO and LEO constellations), deep space probes, ground antenna networks, and space robotic systems. Mil-Spec Cables RG-402 are per PN: M17/130-RG402) and RG-405 are per PN M17/133-RG405.

Trompeter Twinax/Triax Solutions from Cinch Connectivity SolutionsTrompeter Twinax/Triax Solutions from Cinch Connectivity Solutions have been used in MIL-STD-1553B applications for over 45 years. Trompeter has been a pioneer in this segment, and current MIL-STD-1553B solutions include bus couplers, connectors, adapters, cable, cable assemblies, and RFI caps required in MIL-STD-1553B data bus implementations. Trompeter also supports the video, broadcast, telecommunications, and instrumentation markets. Solutions are both off the shelf as well as custom.

Times Microwave Systems’ TLMP (Times Locking Miniature Push-On) connectorThe Times Microwave Systems’ TLMP (Times Locking Miniature Push-On) connector brings micro-miniature interfaces to high data rate applications and board-to-board systems to solve vibration and environmental concerns of small form-factor RF connectors. TLMP miniature connectors operate up to 60 GHz even under severe environments. An interface O-Ring provides a superior environmental seal. Paired with improved electromagnetic interference shielding (105 dB vs. 65 dB), the TLMP is more durable with greater shielding than alternative designs. TLMP connectors are available on many popular military and space flight cables from Times Microwave Systems, each available in a variety of configurations.

ExEl Group supplies Amphenol RF M39012/01-0503 N-Type Straight Crimp PlugExEl Group supplies Amphenol RF M39012/01-0503 N-Type Straight Crimp Plug RG-55 RG-142 RG-223 RG-400, 50 Ohm, QPL-approved. The Type N connector was developed to satisfy the need for a durable, weatherproof medium-size RF connector with consistent performance through 11 GHz. Primary applications are the termination of medium- to miniature-size coaxial cable: RG-8 and RG-225 RG-58 and RG-141. These connectors accommodate a wide range of coaxial cables in a rugged design and provide customer flexibility in design and manufacturing. Applications include mil-aero, antennas, base stations, broadcast, cable assemblies, components, and instrumentation.

Trexon EZ Form semi-rigid RF cablesTrexon EZ Form semi-rigid RF cables are qualified to MIL-DTL-17 and are listed on the Qualified Products List of the U.S Defense Logistics Agency. Trexon’s diverse range of 27 QPL cables includes copper and aluminum jacketed cables in sizes of .034, .047, .086, .141 and .250 diameters. These are available un-plated or with silver, tin, or tin-lead plating.

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