Murrelektronik Opens Cordset Manufacturing Facility in US

By News Release | November 11, 2015

Murrelektronik, the global provider of automation connectivity and control devices, has opened a production facility in Georgia.


Murrelektronik has opened a production facility in Georgia’s Gwinnett County, where it will manufacture M8 and M12 cordsets for the first time in the United States.

Headquartered in Germany with operations on every continent, Murrelektronik’s new facility in the city of Suwanee is part of an expansion strategy designed to bring key products closer to customers in Canada, the US, and Mexico.

“The opening of this facility enhances our footprint in the US and will streamline the production and distribution of our cordsets throughout North America,” said Joerg vom Dorp, production manager for the Suwanee location.

The facility operates two production lines for M8 and M12 cordsets in three colors, all configurations, and five cable types: PVC, PUR/PVC, PUR, robotic, and TPE. Finished products began shipping in October of this year.

The new facility will bring additional jobs to the local community where production and engineering staff are required for a variety of positions ranging from line workers and machine maintenance to research and development.

“Our decision to bring cordset production to the United States better connects us to our customers. We’re proud to print ‘Made in USA’ on these products,” said vom Dorp.

“The move is key to strengthening Murrelektronik’s position in North American industrial markets,” said Marketing Manager Aaron Henry. “Our commitment to production, fast delivery, and product development is part of a larger corporate plan. This latest expansion is our second in seven years but our most significant to date as we grow to support local markets with local products.”

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