METZ CONNECT SC305/SL305 Terminal Blocks

By News Release | March 02, 2015

The METZ CONNECT SC305/SL305 Terminal Blocks are compact and cost-effective, with spring-clamp, compression-mount contacts.

METZ CONNECTMETZ CONNECT SC305/SL305 Terminal Blocks introduced the new SC305 and SL305 series of terminal blocks with spring-clamp, compression-mount contacts.

The terminal blocks facilitate a wire-to-board connection without the use of a header. Contact is established directly on the solder pads where a header would traditionally stand, thus allowing designers to use the opposing side of the PCB for components.

Lending itself to product miniaturization, the SC305/SL305 utilizes METZ CONNECT’s proven Springcon technology for a secure, vibration-resistant connection that automatically adjusts to wires ranging in size from 28 to 16AWG. With a 5mm centerline, solid wires can be directly inserted for a simple, tool-less connection. The SL305 is a direct-solder component and the SC305 is a sleek, snap-fit version for traditional wall-plate applications.

The connection is convenient with push-in technology, and no second component is necessary. Contact is made directly on a pad, to avoid drilling for through-contacts at the PC board. This offers space for additional component placements on the opposite side of the PC board.

The small size of the compression contacts allows for a more compact system design size. Assembly is simplified due to the elimination of plug-in and pull-out forces. No solder process is necessary for wire-to-board connections.

News Release
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