Lumberg RAST High-Current Connector

By Connector Supplier | August 02, 2013

Lumberg RAST High-Current Connector

Lumberg introduces its RAST 7.5 Power connector, rated for currents up to 25 amps at Tamb 85°C and a rated voltage of up to 500 volts.

Available in a two-pole version, this connector was designed for E-Smart on-board electronic systems. The indirect power connector, which is also available in a one-pole version, mates with an upright tab header, offers exterior locking, and can be placed consecutively without loss of pitch. The keying option allows for foolproof mating.

With a pitch of 7.5mm (0.295″) this connector is designed for AWG 14 (≈ 2.5mm²) conductors with an insulation diameter of up to 3.6mm (0.142″). Contact springs are silver-plated, and the connector terminates by insulation displacement technology (IDT). The RAST 7.5 Power connector is glow wire-resistant (GWT 750°C) and works in a temperature range from -40°C to +130°C.

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