Lumberg Pluggable Terminal Block in IDT

By Connector Supplier | August 16, 2013

Lumberg Pluggable Terminal Block in IDT

Lumberg 67 Series pluggable terminal block with 5.08mm pitch in IDTLumberg launched its 67 Series pluggable terminal block with a 5.08mm pitch in IDT. IDT allows efficient processing of pre-assembled terminal blocks, which is especially advantageous for high-volume, automated production. Testing procedures are integrated in-line and all conductors are prevented from detaching later on, as can happen with manually wired screw clamps.

For signal and load currents up to 6A, the pluggable terminal block 6770 matches many common pin headers available at the same pitch of 5.08mm. With a 90° or 180° cable departure to the plugging direction, as well as locking and keying options and a test hole, the two- to seven-pole terminal block can be placed consecutively on pin headers without loss of pitch. The IDT terminal block 6770 is the ideal choice for indirect mating on many manufacturers’ pin headers. With tin-plated contacts and rated currents of up to 6A at ambient temperature of 70°C within a temperature range of -25 to +100 °C, it can be used for conductors with a 0.5‒0.75mm² section or for diameters between 0.2mm² and 0.38mm² when using an alternative insulation displacement terminal. The maximum insulation diameter is 2.5mm.

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