ISC Engineering Develops PCB Overmold with Switchcraft XLR Connector

By Connector Supplier | August 19, 2013

ISC has integrated the functionality of a very durable and cost-effective XLR connector with the capabilities of a PCB. The new design integrates both the XLR and PCB into one overmolded unit, which disguises the internal PCB.

PCB’s are difficult to overmold directly due to raised components that can be pushed off during the molding process. To resolve this issue, an inner cap is made of a hard durometer resin that acts like an exoskeleton to the board. The cap serves as a structure for the overmold, which provides the aesthetics of the part and integrates strain relief into the mold.

This new design furthers the capabilities of current PCB and connector design. Typically PCBs and connectors are molded separately or are designed as one singular component. This particular design integrates two isolated parts into what looks like a single part.

Visit Switchcraft online.

Visit ISC Engineering online.

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