FCI’s BERGSTAK 0.8mm Connectors for PCI Express

By Connector Supplier | August 16, 2013

August 20, 2013

FCI BERGSTAK 0.8mm mezzanine connector for PCI Express 3.0 at 8GT/sFCI successfully demonstrated the BERGSTAK 0.8mm mezzanine connectors’ capability to support PCI Express 3.0 signaling at 8GT/s.

“When evaluated with the recommended wiring pattern and PCB footprint, the BERGSTAK 0.8mm family met the PCI Express connector signal integrity requirements for differential insertion loss, return loss, near-end crosstalk, and intra-pair skew to support signaling at the 8GT/s data rate,” said Raymond Yuen, FCI portfolio director. “The results demonstrate that the BERGSTAK 0.8mm connectors can effectively support the doubling in data throughput that PCI Express 3.0 provides over its predecessor.”

The compact, dual-row BERGSTAK 0.8mm pitch connector series is available in 40 to 200 positions in increments of 20 positions. PCIe 3.0 signal performance is demonstrated up to 10mm stack height. The wide spectrum of circuit sizes and stack heights allows this connector family to support evolving designs and mechanical requirements in a variety of board-stacking applications.

All connectors in the BERGSTAK 0.8mm family feature a robust blade-on-beam contact design at the mating interface and surface-mount termination at the PCB interface to maximize connection integrity. Connector polarization at the mating interface, along with ample lead-in angles, produces easily repeatable mating that is precise and reliable.

FCI’s versatile BERGSTAK 0.8mm connectors are ideal for mezzanine applications in computing, communications, industrial, medical, and test equipment.

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