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Gettin’ Down on the Show Floor: DesignCon 2016

The DesignCon show floor opens today, so we spoke with some of the exhibitors to find out what they expect will be the hot technologies in this year’s Expo Hall.   Did you enjoy your workshops and survive your bootcamps? Well, slip on your walking shoes because the DesignCon show floor opens today, and there is so muchRead More

FCI Minitek MicroSpace 1.27/1.5mm Crimp-to-Wire Connector

The FCI Minitek MicroSpace 1.27/1.5mm crimp-to-wire connector enables contact pitch compatibility with the LV214 Severity-2 standard. FCI announced the Minitek MicroSpace 1.27/1.5mm Crimp-to-Wire (CtW) connector, which enables contact pitch compatibility with the LV214 Severity-2 standard. Minitek MicroSpace 1.27/1.5mm connectors are ideal when high vibration endurance is required. The design features primary and secondary contact retention, Poka-yoke polarization, andRead More

Connector Technology Fuels Growth in Embedded Computing

The latest connector technology fuels growth in embedded computing as system efficiency is a critical component for today’s embedded industry.   Regardless of the modern mobile application in question, whether it be fleet management of agricultural machines, passenger information in buses or video surveillance of trains, the trend is clear – system efficiency is aRead More

FCI’s New 25Gb/s Optical On-Board Transceiver

FCI’s new 25Gb/s optical on-board transceiver, just one square inch in size, features 12 transmit and 12 receive channels. FCI has released the Leap On-board-Transceiver (OBT) system. The one-square-inch board-mounted optical module features 12 transmit and 12 receive channels, each working at 25Gb/s over distances up to 100m with a total of 300Gb/s throughput. The OBTRead More

FCI 2mm Hardmetric Millipacs High-Speed Series

The FCI 2mm Hardmetric Millipacs High-Speed series was developed for 10Gb/s applications. FCI has launched the high-speed version of its Millipacs series connector. The Millipacs series 2mm hardmetric (HM) backplane connector is used extensively for applications that require data rates up to 2.5Gb/s. FCI developed a new Millipacs high-speed (HS), right-angle receptacle connector suitable for dataRead More

FCI PwrBlade+ Cable Connectors

FCI PwrBlade+ cable connectors terminate the widest range of wires in one housing. FCI released its PwrBlade+ cable connectors, which are rated at 60A per contact and capable of terminating the widest range of wires in one housing (26AWG to 6AWG). The PwrBlade+ cable connectors offer flexibility to meet a wide variety of customer needs. TheRead More

FCI EconoStik 2.54mm Headers

FCI EconoStik headers are un-shrouded and support a wide variety of board-to-board applications. FCI introduced the economical EconoStik 2.54mm range of un-shrouded headers, which is capable of supporting a wide variety of board-to-board applications. EconoStik 2.54mm headers are available in single-row and double-row versions with vertical thru-hole, right-angle thru-hole, and vertical SMT versions, with pin counts upRead More

FCI Minitek Pwr 3.0 and 4.2 Connectors

Minitek Pwr 3.0 and 4.2 connectors mark FCI’s first foray into the mid-power wire-to-wire and wire-to-board markets. FCI announced the launch of the cost-effective Minitek Pwr 3.0 and Minitek Pwr 4.2 connectors. FCI’s Minitek Pwr 3.0 is designed for power applications with current ratings of up to 5A per contact. Engineered for wire-to-wire and wire-to-board applications, its crimp-and-snap-in receptacles are used to terminate AWGRead More

FCI’s Low-Profile 1.2mm Pitch Wire-to-Board Connector

FCI’s low-profile 1.2mm pitch wire-to-board connector expands and strengthens its compact connector portfolio. FCI introduced a low-profile, 1.2mm pitch wire-to-board connector. With a mated height of only 2.50mm, this new product line offers a selection of three to six pin counts, making them suitable for many applications. These additions will augment FCI’s existing catalog of compactRead More

FCI BarKlip Bus Bar Connector for Direct-Pluggable Connections

FCI BarKlip bus bar connectors are rated at up to 170A and offer improved electrical performance and long-term reliability. The new FCI BarKlip bus bar connectors are specifically designed for applications requiring a direct pluggable connection to an uninsulated bus bar. The right-angle BarKlip connectors generate very low energy loss, with a maximum resistance ofRead More

FCI Wins DesignVision Award at DesignCon 2014

FCI Wins DesignVision Award for ExaMAX® Direct Mate Orthogonal Connectors Yesterday, FCI won a DesignCon DesignVision award in the interconnect technologies and components category for its ExaMAX® Direct Mate Orthogonal Connectors (DMO). The award program celebrates the achievements of the most innovative electronics companies and the unique tools that support customer needs to improve andRead More

FCI at DesignCon: New High-Speed and High-Density Interconnects

FCI at DesignCon: New I/O Cabling and High Density Connectors FCI will unveil three new connector solutions at this year’s DesignCon 2014. DesignCon is the world’s leading exhibition for electronics design engineers in the communications and semiconductor industries, and this is FCI’s 13th year participating in the expo. FCI will debut an I/O cabling solutionRead More

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