Fairview Microwave Ultraminiature Cable Assemblies

By News Release | November 03, 2015

The new Fairview Microwave ultraminiature cable assemblies offer operation from DC to 6GHz, which makes them ideal for wireless communications systems. 

Fairview MicrowaveFairview ultraminiature cable assemblies introduced a new family of ultraminiature UMCX, WMCX, and HMCX32 cable assemblies. Commonly used to connect an external antenna to a mini-PCB, these flexible micro-coax jumpers offer operation from DC to 6GHz and are ideal for use in wireless communications systems, as well as antennas for GPS and other radio systems, Wi-Fi, wireless LAN, Bluetooth, ZigBee, LTE, mini-PCI, and PDA/PCS/cellular handset applications.

Fairview Microwave’s new UMCX and WMCX cable assemblies are compatible with Hirose U.FL and W.FL connectors respectively, and feature miniature snap-on connectors with mated connection heights ranging from just 1.2mm to 2.5mm. In total, Fairview is releasing 40 unique configurations with multiple coax options including 0.81mm, 1.13mm, 1.37mm, RG178, and double-shielded RG178 (RG178-DS). In-series and between-series cable assemblies are available.

The ultraminiature UMCX, WMCX, and HMCX32 cable assemblies from Fairview are offered in standard lengths (six, nine, and 12 inches) from stock while custom-length versions and special configurations are available upon request with quoted lead times. Each of these new cable assemblies is 100% RF-tested and continuity-tested prior to shipment.

“As wireless systems and hardware continue to get smaller, the demand for miniature, low-profile cables and connectors increases,” said Brian McCutcheon, vice president and general manager at Fairview Microwave. “Fairview’s continually expanding offering of popular interconnect solutions is designed to meet the increasing needs of engineers in today’s ever-changing electronics landscape.”

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