Connectors Designed for Commercial Vehicles Product Roundup

By AJ Born | October 11, 2022

This week’s Product Roundup highlights connectors for commercial vehicles from leading suppliers.

Connectors Designed for Commercial Vehicles

Connectors Designed for Commercial VehiclesLumberg’s Series 72 press-fit connectors are a robust, highly configurable, and space-saving interconnect solution for trucks and commercial vehicles. These modes often move through rough surroundings and have diesel engines that create vibrations, even when idling, so a secure connection is essential. Series 72 connectors are solderless, shock- and vibration-resistant, and have proven geometries. Their high packing densities create space-saving solutions.



Amphenol Sine Systems AT Series ConnectorsAmphenol Sine Systems AT Series Connectors from Powell Electronics are designed as a high-performance, cost-effective solution to be used in heavy equipment, automotive, agricultural, and other demanding interconnect architectures. The AT Series connectors contain superior environmental seals, seal retention capabilities, and feature Amphenol Sine’s Rock Solid Contact technology.



DuraClik Wire-to-Board Connector System from MolexAvnet supplies the DuraClik Wire-to-Board Connector System from Molex. DuraClik features a wide latch that provides a clear audible click, ensuring a secure mate for rugged automotive and commercial vehicle applications that are subject to shock, vibration, or rough handling, which can dislodge terminals and cause signal interference. The DuraClik Wire-to-Board Connector System features terminal positioning assistance (TPA) and independent secondary option (ISL), which provide high retention force for improved reliability in rugged environments.


JPC Connectivity’s XLP602 and XLP603 High Voltage Series JPC Connectivity’s XLP602 and XLP603 High Voltage Series of connectors is available in 2-pole and 3-pole versions and comes standard with a high-voltage interlock loop (HVIL). These box-mount connectors are perfect for applications such as power distribution unit (PDU) and electric steering applications in EV and hybrid commercial vehicles. Ideal for heavy equipment, agriculture, or construction, these field-proven high-voltage connectors have 360° shielding and an IP67 waterproof rating, and were designed for 23A and 45A voltages up to 900V DC/600V AC. JPC offers custom harness solutions for all its high power connectors. Its in-house design and engineering team is driven to find solutions, and can optimize the application, delivery, and installation of your next harnessing project.


Molex MX150L Industrial Sealed Connector SystemAllied Electronics & Automation supplies the Molex MX150L Industrial Sealed Connector System. Designed for commercial-vehicle, marine, and other harsh environments, the pre-assembled, submersible MX150L exceeds IEC IP67 requirements while providing economic advantages.



Amphenol Communications Solutions’ offers a high-speed, high current power pin board-to-board connectorAmphenol Communications Solutions’ offers a high-speed, high current power pin board-to-board connector. The 0.50 pitch floating connector system is designed for applications that require large current and space-saving. The independent power pin supports 5A current per pin (power pin*4) and provides high-speed transmission performance up to 10 Gb/s or 16 Gb/s. It has a wide operating temperature range of -55 °C – 125 °C (including T-Rise), anti-fool mating design, direction guide functions for easy mating, and is USCAR-2 T3V2 qualified.

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