Battery Connectors Product Roundup

By AJ Born | October 18, 2022

This week’s Product Roundup highlights battery connectors from leading suppliers.

Battery Connectors

Globetech’s Butt ContactGlobetech’s Butt Contact high-current probe energizes electronic devices simply by pressing the coil spring to have contact with the inspection module in the manufacturing of automobile parts, power semi-conductor modules, and other electronic devices. The canted coil spring electrical contact ensures stable energization of electronic devices. The flanged bushing is made from PEEK. The compact configuration enables Globetech to supply custom connectors for batteries and other applications.


Phoenix Contact’s new battery pole and busbar connectorsPhoenix Contact’s new battery pole and busbar connectors make it safer for workers to install energy storage systems (ESS). Both types of connectors from Phoenix Contact are touch-proof and pluggable, with ratings up to 1,500 V DC and 350 A. While most of today’s ESS do not require 1,500 V capability, these high-voltage connectors will meet future demands. ESS designers can use the connectors in tandem or separately based on the specific application requirements. The battery pole connectors are installed on the front of battery modules, while the battery busbar connectors are installed on the back. The battery pole connectors rotate 360° to accommodate the best angle to arrange heavy cabling. Mechanical coding protects against polarity reversal and prevents incorrect mating. The busbar connectors have a drawer-style, slide-in connection, eliminating the need for field wiring. The modular connection system can be scaled to meet application requirements, eliminating cabling constraints and allowing higher power distribution.


TE Connectivity’s series of mobile battery connectors, supplied by PowellTE Connectivity’s series of mobile battery connectors, supplied by Powell, consists of several types, including low-profile battery connectors, leaf battery connectors, and floating battery interconnection system (FBIS II). These products have been widely adopted for mobile phones, tablet PCs, digital cameras, and other mobile devices. Mobile battery connectors’ key benefits — low cost, high reliability and durability, low-profile design, and high design flexibility — allow them to be used in various fields. For example, they are used in mobile phones with removable batteries, since their high design flexibility allows them to be scaled up or down regardless of positions, working height, and contact pitch. The low-profile battery connector series improves cost-effectiveness by reducing the number of components needed and the size of the tooling platform. They are designed for position extensions and height changes and can be used for SMT soldering and DIP type soldering, as well as fitted for a standard mount or mid-mount.


Avnet supplies FlexLock FPC-to-Board connectorsAvnet supplies FlexLock FPC-to-Board connectors. FlexLock’s compact design addresses the growing demand for the automotive battery management application market. The connector design is compatible to USCART2V2 specifications. The connector has nominal current carrying capacity of 3 A per contact to support higher power applications. FlexLock is available in 10 to 30 positions, double row with vertical and horizontal TH and SMT configurations.


Allied Electronics & Automation supplies Anderson Power Products 992G1-BK two pole SB connectors

Allied Electronics & Automation supplies Anderson Power Products 992G1-BK two pole SB connectors.Based off the design pioneered by Anderson in 1953, the two pole SB connectors set the standard for DC power distribution and battery connections. SB connectors feature a rugged one-piece plastic housing using stainless-steel springs to retain the contacts and create the “contact force” that provides extremely low resistance, enabling greater electrical efficiency. The SB connectors are also genderless (flip one 180° and they will mate to each other) reducing the cost of materials and providing greater economies of scale. The SB series ranges in size from SB50 to SB350. Each family size offers color-coded, mechanically keyed housings designed to prevent visually and physically cross-mating devices with different voltages. All the connectors are UL rated to 600 volts, so the keys and colors are just identifiers to prevent accidents. Contacts are traditionally silver-plated to minimize electrical resistance while offering durability and reliability.


Smiths Interconnect’s standard spring probesSmiths Interconnect’s standard spring probes featuring IDI contact technology provide reliable electro-mechanical performance through hundreds of thousands of cycles. They are available in a variety of sizes, spring forces, and terminations. Smiths Interconnect compression mount connectors utilizing spring probe technology offer tremendous advantages in reliability, performance, and efficiency in comparison to conventional technologies like stamped metal, wire mesh, pin-and-socket, or elastomer. The standard spring probes offering includes battery contact and connector probes designed to optimize contact performance in high-reliability, multiple-cycle interconnect applications.


Amphenol Communications Solutions offers customized battery or charger connectors and terminals

Amphenol Communications Solutions offers customized battery or charger connectors and terminals that meet general industry standards. These reliable and robust interconnection systems feature enhanced durability and are available in various pin configurations and connector sizes to suit a wide range of applications, including cordless power tools and battery charging for E-bikes, lawn mowers, and robotic vacuum cleaners. The current rating of up to 40 A covers low and medium power requirements. The dual beam contact design for receptacle contacts provides a reliable electrical connection. Weatherproof solutions make them suitable for harsh environments. Their high number of mating cycles meets the requirements for demanding applications.


The DW Series connector from JAEThe DW Series connector from JAE could reduce manufacturing work time for customers and it is available in four kinds of products, including cable type for small-scale storage. The use of storage battery systems to temporarily store electricity is increasing to stabilize current for electric power stations and to respond to the peak cut and shift in offices and home energy management systems (HEMS). Use of the lithium ion-type storage battery is increasing for storage systems. JAE has proposed a rack and panel complex connector with a signal contact to check the condition of the cell, as every cell has some variation in the amount of accumulated electricity.


JPC’s PSL200 High Power Cable Assembly SeriesJPC’s PSL200 High Power Cable Assembly Series with its finger-proof design offers a secure and reliable interconnect system that can be utilized for the most demanding battery and energy storage system applications. The PSL200 is rated up to 200 A, operating voltage of 1500 V DC (3000 V DC max) and 500 mating cycles. Additionally, the series has a flame-retardant rating of UL94 V-0. The PSL200 can be custom harnessed to your exact specifications.


Greenconn’s GBED204 Series High-Speed ConnectorsGreenconn’s GBED204 Series High-Speed Connectors for automotive battery management systems feature 1.27 mm spacing, a current rating of 1.7A/Pin, 55 ℃~125 ℃ operating temperature, 4 Gb/s transfer speed, and 2000Hz vibration resistance.


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