ARINC-Approved Product Roundup  

By Amy Goetzman | June 13, 2023

This week’s Product Roundup highlights ARINC-approved connectors from leading suppliers.

ARINC-approved connectors

TE Connectivity’s ARINC 600 press-fit power and receptacle contacts, supplied by Avnet, allow a complete press-fit receptacle solution that will provide manufacturing cost savings by eliminating the PCB soldering process. They also enable up to 10% weight savings (depending on insert arrangement) and backward compatibility, while delivering high levels of performance and reliability.

PEI-Genesis supplies ITT Cannon ARINC 600 connectors that are designed to meet strict standards for aerospace and avionic systems applications. ITT Cannon’s BKA connector series is a major milestone in rack & panel connectors for the air transportation market (commercial aviation and in-flight entertainment/connectivity) and has use in military and industrial applications as well. These mixed power and signal ARINC connectors are available in environmental and non-environmental variations. They are designed for blind mating and are compatible with both front release and rear release contacts (stamped PCB contacts that can be removed, repaired, and re-used, saving a great deal of time and resources). Available in 3 and 6 gang configurations for up to 800 low insertion force contacts including Multi-Signal Quadrax Contact Systems. Inserts are field replaceable as well.

The ARINC 600 series from Smiths Interconnect offers high speed copper integrated into the industry standard ARINC 600 platform. A true twinaxial connector interface ensures signal integrity while minimizing jitter and data rate errors. ARINC 600 high-speed connectors are designed for interconnect systems including 100 Base-T, Ethernet, and high-speed video hot-link applications. These connectors can be fitted with Ethernet based quadrax 100 ohm contacts or differential pair 100 ohm or 150 ohm matched impedance contacts. The ARINC 600 series can also be routed with ruggedized expanded beam fiber optic or triaxial contacts designed for numerous low-loss twinaxial and concentric triax cables in a variety of impedance values.

Amphenol now offers a multi-channel circular connector that complies with the ARINC specification. This connector, available in straight plug and wall mount receptacle, uses the ARINC 801 ceramic termini. It includes all the features of standard D38999 straight plug and wall mount receptacle shells. Three stages of alignment are shell-to-shell keys, guide pins, and ceramic alignment sleeves, plus a scoop-proof design and an option for alternate keys and keyways, make this a solid choice for avionics applications.

The DPX connector from ITT Cannon comes in single, two, three, and four gang versions and can accommodate up to 424 contacts. The DPX*MA connector features the LITTLE CAESAR contact assembly for rear insertion, release, and extraction of crimp type contacts. DPXA shells utilize their keystone shape for polarization posts that can provide up to 99 polarization positions. DPX (ARINC 404) can also utilize the Size 22 stamped contact on the F106 insert.


Radiall offers a full range of optical interconnect solutions, including the LuxCis ARINC801 and Q-MTitan – ARINC 846. With a base design specifically for the aerospace industry, these solutions are suitable for harsh environments, cost-effective, and reliable. These innovative product ranges extend Radiall’s capability to provide customers with end-to-end solutions, from active transceivers to complex optical systems.

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