Avnet Launches SpeedWay Seminar Series

By Connector Supplier | September 30, 2013

Avnet Launches SpeedWay Seminar Series

The newest SpeedWay seminar series offered by Avnet Electronics Marketing Americas in conjunction with Texas Instruments (TI) will provide valuable information and training on how to develop applications that fit into the world of connected smart devices. “Connecting the Internet of Things with TI Wireless Technology” will help engineers kick-start the development of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth/Bluetooth low energy, and 802.15.4-enabled Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The seminar will take place in more than 20 locations across North America.

Using a system-level approach, attendees will receive an overview of TI’s wireless connectivity technologies and education on the application spaces for different protocols, while enjoying an extensive hands-on experience with Wi-Fi connectivity. The lab portions of the training will use the new Avnet designed Wi-Go system to demonstrate the functionality of a complete, Internet-connected, intelligent, portable sensor system. The new Wi-Go system features TI’s SimpleLink CC3000 module for Wi-Fi, along with TI power management solutions to optimize board efficiency.

“As consumers, we all want to receive more information from our devices in real-time and this requires wireless connectivity. As a result, more and more of our customers are incorporating wireless technology into their products and developing whole new solutions for the Internet of Things,” said Jim Carver, technical director, Avnet Electronics Marketing Americas. “This seminar is an ideal venue for design engineers to learn how to efficiently manage the complexity of now-pervasive wireless development.”

Visit Avnet online for more information on the seminars.

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