Avnet Offers VITA-Compliant Solutions for Ruggedized Connectors

By Connector Supplier | December 02, 2013

Avnet Offers VITA-Compliant Solutions for Ruggedized Connectors

Whether designing systems for medical imaging, military, transportation, or space launch control, reliability, ruggedness, and high-speed performance are crucial. With that in mind, Avnet Electronics Marketing provides engineers with next-generation connectivity to confidently design a fully integrated system that can withstand any environment.

TE Connectivity Ltd. (TE) and Samtec Inc. provide a number of VMEbus International Trade Association (VITA) technologies for critical applications, available from Avnet Electronics Marketing. In order to reduce mission risk, system cost, and address ever-shortening time-to-market windows, Avnet distributes solutions that complement VITA’s open-technology standards, relevant to designers of critical embedded systems around the world.

“Due to Avnet’s long history in IP&E and its support of VITA’s industry standards, we can help our customers reach better connectivity solutions in rugged environments,” said Matt Burns, global IP&E technical marketing specialist, Avnet Electronics Marketing. “Avnet’s IP&E experts can help engineers build systems with higher data speeds, more computational power, and less system power, while handling rugged environments such as extreme temperatures, high shock, and stratospheric altitudes.”

David Engler, director, product management, for TE Connectivity’s Global Aerospace, Defense & Marine business, said, “With one of the broadest offerings of VITA products in the interconnect industry, TE has engaged with Avnet to have inventory readily available to help our customers manage critical time-to-market product development activities.”

“Avnet is a preferred VITA interconnect distributor and a strategic partner in our international sales strategy,” said Karl Soderquist, Samtec distribution manager. “Its overall support and service, in particular with VITA applications, is unmatched in the industry.”

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