Amphenol SurLok Plus High-Current Cabling System

By News Release | September 08, 2015

The Amphenol SurLok Plus High-Current Cabling System meets energy storage needs and is ideal for hybrid and electric vehicles and residential battery storage systems.

Amphenol Industrial Products GroupAmphenol SurLok Plus High-Current Cabling System now offers SurLok Plus, a high-current cabling system designed to meet the needs of energy storage for commercial and residential battery storage systems as well as electric and hybrid electric vehicles.

Used by inverter and power supply manufacturers, SurLok Plus is optimized for battery pack connections from 50A to 400A with a touch-safe interface. Featuring a flexible design to accommodate dimensional constraints, this low-profile, right-angle RADSOK pin-and-socket connector is very space-efficient.

Amphenol’s new high-current cabling system comes in an unsealed configuration or an IP67-rated version, which offers excellent environmental sealing to protect the system from the elements.

The patented RADSOK contact technology used in SurLok Plus significantly increases amperage, while reducing insertion force, temperature rise, and voltage drop. RADSOK contacts provide a large contact area while utilizing the tensile strength properties of the flat, high-conductivity alloy grid for the high normal forces required for conductivity.

News Release
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