Remke Mini-Link B- and C-Size Molded Connectors

By Connector Supplier | November 18, 2012

Remke Mini-Link B- and C-Size Molded Connectors

Remke Industries has expanded its offering of Mini-Link B-Size and C-Size molded connectors, cordsets, and receptacles. The expanded line includes all the B-Size (6-7-8 poles) and C-Size (9-10-12 poles) connectors available in PVC for general industrial applications; rubber for applications where flexibility and resistance to abusive environments over a broad temperature range is important; and TPE for environments with chemicals and corrosives.

No other manufacturer offers their Mini-style B- and C-Size molded connectors in rubber, and only Remke offers its complete line of B- and C-Size connectors in all three materials.

Mini-Link connectors are available in straight and 90-degree, and male and female versions, and feature NEMA 6P and IP 68 protection; standard coupling nuts of machined aluminum with optional stainless steel and plastic couplers to match any application environment; nickel-coated then gold-plated contacts for enhanced corrosion resistance and conductivity; crimped pins and contacts for secure terminations; receptacles with 12″ pigtail leads, Viton ‘O’ Ring, plated steel, or stainless steel hardware; and hard service SOOW, SJOOW, or STOW cable.

Customization is available for all Mini-Link B- and C-size connectors through the Remke Flexible Solutions Center.

Remke B- and C-size Mini-Link connectors can be used for power and signal to factory automation components, as well as equipment and robotics in the packaging, material handling, automotive, conveyor, and automated equipment industries.

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