Sabritec Floating Fiber Optic CP 29504/4 Pin Termini

By Cable Assembly Supplier | April 03, 2013

Sabritec Floating Fiber Optic CP 29504/4 Pin Termini

Sabritec launched its Size 16 Floating Fiber Optic Pin Termini, an innovative product suited for a wide variety of applications and markets. The floating pin termini provide exceptional low loss characteristics with high reliability and repeatability. They are designed to fit available formats of standard off-the-shelf electrical MIL-DTL-38999 cylindrical connectors (such as D38999/20 and /26). The floating pin eliminates the need for using costly tight tolerance and hard-to-locate D38999/60 and /61 connectors, thus lowering the overall cost of ownership.

The floating pin termini self-aligns into standard connector formats, thus improving the fiber optic pin-to-socket alignment, resulting in improved insertion loss performance with a .006” radial and 3.25 degree angular misalignment. The floating mechanism helps to ensure precision alignment of the fiber ferrules in extreme environmental conditions of shock and vibration.

The floating pin termini is designed for ease of assembly, is field-replaceable, and is completely interchangeable and comparable in cost to standard M29504/4 termini (without the built-in floating low-loss mechanism). The precise hole diameter and alignment features built in the ferrule and contact design provide a repeatable low-loss connection suited for a wide variety of single-mode and multi-mode fiber optic cables. The terminus is available with a Zirconia ferrule for single- and multi-mode applications.

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