Samtec Offers Screw-Down Options on Tiger Eye Interconnects

By Connector Supplier | March 15, 2013

Samtec Offers Screw-Down Options on Tiger Eye Interconnects

Samtec’s line of Tiger Eye interconnect solutions has been expanded to include screw-down options for both board-to-board and cable-to-board systems on .050” (1.27mm) and .0787” (2.00mm) pitch. These connector systems feature rugged beryllium copper contacts for high reliability and high mating cycles. Whether used in board stacking or cable applications, the screw-down feature ensures that connectors can only become unmated when intentionally de-mated by the user.

Samtec offers a number of additional ruggedizing features on its Tiger Eye systems, including metal latches, friction latches, shrouding, polarization, and keying. Cable systems can be supplied as components or completed assemblies with either PVC or Teflon-jacketed cable. Board-to-board connectors are available in a number of stack heights as well as right-angle designs.

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