Yamaichi Y-Circ P Push-Pull Circular Connector

By News Release | June 16, 2014

The Yamaichi Y-Circ P Push-Pull Circular Connector offers cost benefits due to materials reduction and a space-saving design.

Yamaichi Y Circ P Push-Pull Circular ConnectorYamaichi Electronics introduced a series of circular connectors with a push-pull locking mechanism. The connectors, which are made in Germany, offer cost benefits due to materials reduction and a space-saving design. The Y-Circ P connectors have a push-pull locking mechanism that permits the simple insertion and unlocking of the connector by pulling on the housing. High-quality contacts ensure at least 5,000 plug cycles. The Y-Circ P series can be connected to other existing series on the market, but it has clear advantages. For example, the connector is significantly shorter than the competing products, saving space. The design of the shield contacts was also optimized. All half-shells are designed identically and cannot be confused anymore. That greatly simplifies the assembly of the connector, reducing the time and expense. Yamaichi Electronics Deutschland GmbH starts with the B series of the connector. It has a protection rating of IP50 and can be ordered in a number of combinations. Initially, three different diameters will be available, each of which can be equipped with a different number of contacts. The chrome-plated metal housing is high-quality and robust, so the connector is also suitable for use on visually demanding devices. The machined contacts ensure that both secure data transmission and high currents are no problem. “The Y-Circ P allows Yamaichi Electronics to open up new market segments and customers for whom other products from our company will also be interesting,” said Matthias Schuster, product manager for the Y-Circ P product family at Yamaichi Electronics. “We can also offer an interesting alternative made in Germany for customers already using a connector with a push-pull locking mechanism.”

News Release
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